PS4 White Light of Death (Problem and Solutions)

Are you worried about how to fix the PS4 white light of Death?  It seems like your PS4 is flashing white light when you turn it on but nothing is appearing on the screen.

This white light is called the WLOD (White Light of Death) and it indicates that your PS4 has been broken or damaged, and needs to be repaired. Seeing this light on your console is no doubt an alarming situation since your console is just going to die. But you know what, Fixing the white light of death PS4 is not at all a tough row to hoe.

If you are facing a similar situation, do not worry because you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss PS4 WLOD, the reason for its appearance, and finally ways to save your PS4 by resolving the issue. If nothing helps fix the issue, you can keep your eyes out for a used PS4 at sites like The Old School Game Vault.

What are Different Light Indications in PS4?

In PS4 Console, different light indications point towards different issues. When you power on your PS4, a regular white light will appear which indicates that your console has been turned on. Similarly, when you turn off the console, a blinking white light indicates that the PS4 is shutting down. So, these indications also appear as white lights but are nothing to worry about.

How Do We Recognize a White Light of Death?

So, are you thinking about when to start worrying? Well, if your PS4 is fully switched on but a blinking white light persists which eventually turns to blue light, this means that there is something wrong, your system requires troubleshooting and things need to be fixed.

Why does this Blinking White Light persist?

When the blinking white light persists on your system even after the console is turned on for quite a long, this indicates that it’s time for troubleshooting and finding out the cause of the problem that needs to be fixed. The issues might be any of the following or other than these:

  • Any problems with the motherboard
  • Burning out of HDMI IC chip
  • Electrical failure
  • Any part broken
  • Dust inside the console
  • Poor or no connection to port
  • Improper connection to TV
  • problems regarding HDMI

Fixing the white light of death PS4

It is better to perform troubleshooting immediately the moment you see this blinking white light because the white light doesn’t indicate the intensity of the problem, it just tells you that there is some problem that needs to be addressed.

How to Fix PS4 White Light of Death? ( 7 Solutions)

It is not always necessary that the white light of death is indicating a severe problem, the issue might be a small one that you can resolve yourself. So yes, maybe you won’t need any expert assistance at all.

So, upon witnessing the unusual blinking white light on your PS4 console, here is what you should do immediately;

1.    Check all the Connections

One of the most common causes of WLOD is a problem with HDMI connection or loss of connection with TV. Therefore it is important to see whether you have connected the HDMI cable properly to the console and TV or not.

The connection between a TV and console can be disturbed by a loose HDMI cable and this bad connection will eventually be indicated as a flashing white light.

How to fix this issue?

  • Remove the HDMI cable from the TV and console.
  • Check the cable carefully, maybe it has been damaged.
  • If the wire has been damaged, change it.
  • If you find no faults in the cable, plug it back into the ports of the console and TV, and see if the problem persists.

2.    Restart the Console

Try rebooting the console, sometimes this quick fix is enough to get rid of the WLOD.

Follow these steps to reboot the console.

  • Press the ‘Share’ and ‘PS’ buttons at the same time.
  • Within a few seconds, the PS4 will turn on.
  • See whether the WLOD is still there or not.
  • Smaller problems can be fixed by rebooting the console.

3.    See if Hardware is Damaged

Once you have checked all the connections, the next step is to look for any possible issues with the hardware.

What to do now?

  • The first step is to check for any damage, dents, or anything on the external body of the console.
  • Use a T-13 screwdriver and open the top tray of the console.
  • Observe the interior of the console.
  • Look carefully and see if dust or anything is stuck inside.
  • There are specific slots for every hardware component, see if all components are at the right places or not.

4.    Try Resetting the Console

Once you are sure that there are no issues with the connections and external or internal hardware, the next step is to reset the console.

How to reset the console?

  • Press and hold the start button on the console to shut down the system. Do not directly take out the plug or turn the switch off.
  • Remove all extensions and cable connections from the console and give your console a rest for half an hour.
  • Now reattach the extensions and wires to the console once it has cooled down.
  • Turn on the console and check if the issue is still there.

5.    Update the Controller Drivers

One of the reasons behinds WLOD can be the Controller Drivers that are not up to date. To make your drivers work properly, see if there are any new updates, if there are, then you have to download them.

To reinstall the Controller Drivers, follow these steps.

  • Press Win + R to open the Run Box.
  • Type msc in the box and then press Enter.
  • Press Right Click and uninstall the Device.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and download and reinstall the drivers.
  • The updated device will be downloaded and then connected to the console.

6.    Try resetting the Controller

Try to reset the controller if you do not find any issue with the drivers.

Follow these steps to reset the controller.

  • The first step is to turn off the PS4.
  • There is a tiny button present at the back of the controller. Press the button with the help of a soft nib or hairpin and hold it for at least 5 seconds.
  • Release the button after 5 seconds.
  • Reconnect the USB cable.
  • Turn on the console again.

Many times, resetting the controller resolves the problem of White Light of Death.

how to fix the PS4 white light of Death

7.    Turn On the Safe Mode

If none of the above solutions work for you, then try turning on the safe mode on your PS4.

How to turn on the safe mode?

  • The first step is to turn off the PS4.
  • Press the Power button continuously until you hear two beeps.
  • Finally, connect the controller with a USB.
  • Press and hold the PS button present on the controller.

The PS4 will enter a safe mode now. Next, perform a factory reset on the PS4. Remember that when you perform a factory reset, all your settings and data on the PS4 will be deleted.

Professional data recovery tools are required to recover PS4 game files. If entering the safe mode and factory resetting the system proves to be of no help, the last thing you could do is surrender and call experts for PS4 white light of death fix.


Once you are done trying to fix the PS4 WLOD by yourself, it’s time to call for professional help in this regard. The professionals will find out the root cause of the problem and fix it. The PS4 White Light of Death repair cost solely depends upon the issue that needs to be resolved.

This article has presented every possible way to fix the White Light of Death issue appearing in your PS4. Make sure to take this blinking white light very seriously and act quickly because either it can be an indication of a very minor issue or it can be a signal to an extremely alarming situation. So, instead of freaking out, start to resolve the problem with the quickest and easy solutions, then proceed to technical fixes, and finally, if nothing works out, seek professional help.

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