Easeus Data Recovery Review

EaseUs is software that helps recover lost data in three simple steps. The free version of EaseUS has a data recovery limit of 2GB, different from other versions. It is an easy-to-use software that requires no special operation skills after downloading and installing. Over six million people across the globe have downloaded the free version of this software and it has worked for them all.

Its storage scanning ability cannot be compared to other data recovery software in the market. EaseUS quickly the lost, deleted, or formatted data permanently. Download the free version of the software to be on the safer side in case you lose your essential data.

Features of EaseUS

  • Supports various Windows Operating Systems; EaseUs free Data recovery software works with various Microsoft Windows Operating systems. The Operating Systems include Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1, and 10. Ease Use also recovers lost, deleted, or formatted files on Mac.
  • Has the power to recover data from various loss cases; The software restores lost data from deletion, formatting, corruption of the disk, and attacks by viruses. One can also use the software to recover data lost because of an Operating System crash and raw partition deletion. Have you lost your data in any of the scenarios mentioned above? Upgrade to EaseUs free recovery software to get your data back.
  • Has a flexible data restoration procedure; Recovering your data using EaseUS free software is more flexible than other data recovery software in the market. It allows you to pause and continue the data recovery procedure without inconvenience. The recovery process picks up from where one paused fastening the restoration.
  • Compatible with various storage materials; EaseUs free software can work with different storage disks, including SSD, USB, and Zip drives. Also, the tool is compatible with Memory or SD cards, digital cameras, and floppy disks. EaseUS quickly retrieves the lost data from any of the storage materials named above permanently.
  • Works with various gadgets; Some data recovery software is choosy in terms of gadgets to work with. However, this may not be with the EaseUs data recovery software. One can use a Personal Computer, Laptop, and removable storage gadgets.

Types of files the software recovers

EaseUS free recovery software gets back various files. They include;

  • Documents; DOC/DOCX, HTML/ HTM. PPT/PPTX, PDF, CWK, and EPS.
  • Photos; RAW, JPG, TIFF, BMP, CR2, NEF SPR2, RAF, DCR, and ORF.
  • Videos; 3GP, MP4, 3G2. MPG, MP4V, AVI, ASF, SWF, and many more.
  • Audio; MP3, AAC, OGG, MIDI, WMA, AIF, and WAV.
  • Emails; PST, EMLX, and DBX.

EaseUS also recovers data from various types of Memory Cards, Removable, Flash, and Hard drives. Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Sony, and JVC are examples of digital cameras that support EaseUS free data recovery software. The data recovery procedure is the same regardless of the time of file or external storage material one is using. Download the free version of the software today to get back your lost data. The EaseUs software for this year is updated to give one quality recovery result. Remember, the data recovery process is safe as the software does not damage the recovered files.

How the software works

EaseUS free data recovery software works in three crucial steps. The process is simple and it gets back the lost data within a few minutes. You can do it on your PC, laptop, or any other removable storage material. People lose their valuable data in various situations. However, the recovery process remains the same regardless of the data loss scenario and it happens for a short time. Below are the three crucial steps of how this software works.

  • Launch the EaseUS software on your gadget; After successfully downloading and installing one has to launch the software to get started. Accessing the free version of the EaseUs software is simple and it guarantees high-quality data recovery results. Visit the software’s website to learn various ways of downloading the tool into your device.
  • Identify the storage materials which carried the lost data for scanning; To get the lost data, you have to identify the storage material that contained lost data. Locating where the information made the scanning process easy and quick. After that one enables the scanning process to get all the lost data in the selected storage material.
  • Preview and recover files; The EaseUS free software will restore your data up to the 2GB limit. After scanning the software will recover the files permanently and safely in your gadget. At this last stage, one accesses the previously deleted, formatted, and lost data because of virus attacks. The data recovery process takes a short time thanks to EaseUs free software. 2GB is a high amount of data one can recover in minutes without incurring a single dollar. In this last stage, one accesses the long-lost photos and video recovery within minutes. EaseUs free software is a tool one cannot ignore for proper recovery of lost data. Download the free version of the software today to recover your lost files within a short time. The software recognizes the importance of your lost data as it retains the same quality when it recovers the files. The time has come to try this data recovery software for quality results within a short time. The cat is finally out of the bucket. Access the free version of the tool to get back your lost data in desirable quality through these simple steps.

Pros of EaseUS data recovery software

  • Easy to use; One does not require special skills to operate the software. Also, other equipment is needed for the proper use of the software.
  • Supports various languages; It makes it easy for an individual to select and use a well understandable language.
  • Maintains the safety of your data; The software scans your storage material and recovers data without causing damages to the files.
  • Supports many files; EaseUS data recovery software helps to recover various types of documents, audio, video, photos, and emails.
  • Works on many gadgets; EaseUS data recovery software functions properly on a PC, laptop, and other external storage devices.

Cons of the software

  • Requires internet connection and a modern gadget; the Data recovery process using the software requires an internet connection and a modern gadget. Without these two it may be problematic to recover your lost data.

The Bottom Line

EaseUS free data recovery software is a tool like no other. It has amazing features that make the data recovery process easy and quick. The free version of the software has a recovery limit of 2GB ensuring one gets back more lost files. EaseUS free data recovery software uses three crucial steps to restore a large percentage of your lost files. Download the free version of the software today to recover data within a short time.

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