Power BI certifications Benefits – Top 3 Reasons WHY

In these present times when businesses are consistently changing and evolving, implementing the right business strategies is key. Not only does it help a brand grow, but it also enables users to reap the maximum benefits out of the business’ growth and paramount development. Microsoft Power BI is a popular cloud-based solution that transforms data into a collaborative dashboard.

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In this article, we will highlight the benefits of getting this certification and the steps to acquiring the same.

Easy data transformation

Learning power BI from Microsoft will take you some time, especially if you are completely new to the concept. However, once you learn the training, and then acquire the certification, it becomes a lot more streamlined to connect to the varying range of data sources and deploy data transformation in the future.

Data modeling and visualization

Another reason why this certification can help and boost you financially is that it provides the users with hands-on knowledge concerning the data models available. You also have the complete free will to optimize the data with the existing model and transform them into actionable data. It also helps draft better KPIs in the job role that you are in.

Manage dashboard, data, and reports

Not only does the course and certification enable you to learn about the data, but it also transforms your chances at getting hands-on knowledge about sorting out the data as well. It mainly involves dashboard and reports management, especially if you are working on a senior level in the company. The certification also helps you learn more about integrating and configuring security for these dashboards and reports involved.

Steps to Getting the Power BI certification

The steps to acquiring your certification aren’t as complicated as many make it out to be. Instead, all you have to do is be vigilant, learn about the solution, have proper knowledge of implementation, and then integrate them accordingly.

  • The first exam in the course requires the candidates to have a firm and basic ground knowledge about Power BI and it is available in the English language to test your knowledge about data sources and data transformations.
  • The second exam tests out the candidate’s knowledge about Microsoft Excel and the range of implementations that come with it. Although it might sound “too simple”, the exam tests you on every ground of knowledge, so you need to be mindful of everything surrounding it.

Getting a job with the Power BI certifications might seem tough in the beginning but the results are pretty lucrative and astonishing. While giving the exam for the Power BI certifications you need to be mindful and attempt carefully to be successfully certified. We hope this article gives you a basic insight into things and helps you decide to choose the right path.

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