Microsoft MD-100: Windows-Oriented Exam

The Microsoft ecosystem is very rich. Perhaps that is why the exams and certifications of this vendor are so popular, highly valuable, and recognized all over the world. One of the most important Microsoft tests that you can register for today is MD-100. It is a Windows-oriented exam that expands the candidates’ knowledge on matters of Windows and Modern Desktop. It is a very great starting point for anyone who wants to build a career in IT, especially in the field of Windows.

Learning to be very proficient with a Desktop is one of the best skills you can get. Going further to prove the possession of such knowledge is even more important, especially in the job market. The best way to prove these skills is by bypassing the relevant Microsoft tests and earning the proper credentials. Thus, passing Microsoft MD-100 is a great way to validate your expertise in performing various technical tasks, including deploying Windows, managing devices and data, maintaining Windows, and configuring connectivity.

What else should you know about the Microsoft VCE Files exam to be ready for it? Let’s explore all its details.

Microsoft MD-100: Exam details

Like with all other Microsoft certification exams, the shortened title Microsoft MD-100 can be confusing and difficult to understand, especially when it is your first time to come across the name. So, what is Microsoft MD-100? Well, this is a test offered by Microsoft to those individuals who want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. It is focused mainly on an in-depth understanding of Windows 10.

Microsoft MD-100 is an exam with various types of questions. Therefore, you are likely to encounter a multiple‑choice format, drag, and drop, case studies, hot area, active screen, build list, and so on. Although Microsoft does not publish the number of questions of its tests, you will not find the exact number on any certification page. The only official mention is in the FAQ section where the vendor tells us that the approximate number of questions for any exam is usually about 40‑60. You can even find some posts on Reddit from those individuals who have already passed the test about the amount they had. It will be in this range.

As for the time duration, it also varies. But usually, it can be from 90 to 120 minutes. The passing score is 700 points out of 1000. If we talk about the price, the test costs about $165. This is the amount that the students in the United States pay as a fee. However, it may be slightly above $165 for the applicants in other countries. Of course, the difference is simply due to taxation.

Microsoft MD-100: Skills measured

Microsoft MD-100 is designed to test the candidates on various skills, which we will highlight below. These topics are the general guidelines on what you are most likely to find in this exam. The percentage indicates the exact weight a particular objective has in terms of the marks it carries through the questions drawn from it visit

Deploy Windows – 15-20%

First of all, Microsoft MD-100 contains the questions that measure your knowledge of deploying Windows. This topic area comes with about 20% of questions in the entire exam content. The subtopics include the following:

  • Windows 10 deployment that includes user data migration;configuration of language packs;usage of tools, such as ADK, WDS, and MDT, to perform an in-place upgrade; activation issues troubleshooting; as well as the ability to perform a clean installation and choose the appropriate Windows edition.
  • Post-installation configuration together with customization of Windows Desktop and configuration of sign-in options, mobility settings, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

Manage Devices and Data – 35-40%

This area will verify your ability to manage devices and data.Listed below are some of the main subtopics:

  • Management of local groups, local users, and devices in directories.
  • Configuration of data access and protection, shared permissions, and NTFS permissions.
  • Use of local policies to configure devices as well as the configuration of local registry, troubleshooting of group policies, and implementation of local policy.
  • Management of Windows security along with the implementation of encryption and configuration of Windows Defender Firewall and User Account Control (UAC).

Configure Connectivity – 15-20%

The MD-100 certification test evaluates if the examinees have the skills to configure connectivity. This skill set is given up to 20% of prominence in the exam content. There are various concepts in this topic area. They include, but not limited to the following:

  • Networking configuration that includes configuration of mobile networking, client IP settings, Wi-Fi profiles, and VPN client, as well as troubleshooting.
  • Remote connectivity configuration as well enablement of PowerShell Remoting and configuration of remote Desktop access and remote management.

Maintain Windows – 25-30%

Another objective that Microsoft MD-100 gauges is the ability to maintain Windows. The questions under this knowledge domain are given up to 30% of prominence in the entire content. There are several subtopics under this subject, including:

  • System and data recovery configuration together with troubleshooting of a boot/startup process, Windows 10 and file recovery.
  • Update management includes troubleshooting, configuration, and checking, as well as choosing the right servicing channel and checking for updates.
  • Management and monitoring of the Windows 10 environment and performance and analysis and configuration of event logs.

Microsoft MD-100: Preparation tools

To help you easily prepare for the MD-100 certification test and pass it on the first try, Microsoft has created some great online tools for its students to understand its certification tests deeper and easier. We also recommend that you take practice tests from Prepaway. Instead of spending more time and energy looking for study materials and other resources, just go straight to this platform and make use of the tools you find there.

They were created by IT experts who have been in the IT industry for years. These resources are accurate, up-to-date, easy to understand, and similar to the real exam. For example, you can use mock tests or braindumps, video courses and study guides, or enroll in a training course. There is also a community where active participants interact with each other and help other individuals solve problems they encounter when preparing for Microsoft MD-100.


We hope that this guide will help you in your preparation and lead you to the right path. Note the things that you think are worth your attention, get all the materials you need, and study with great deliberation. Good luck!

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