A Detailed Guide to the Enormously Growing GB Insta

GB Insta is a MOD app that lets you have a better experience of Instagram. But what is Instagram? Let us give you a brief overview of it. Instagram is a well-known social site owned by Facebook. It lets you share pictures and videos with the world with just one click.

When it comes to ensuring the users’ privacy, Instagram has some tough features. Unlike Facebook, this app doesn’t let you save an aesthetically pleasing picture that you just saw on someone’s post. This feature ensures that the data of a user stays secure from unnecessary scams. This app grew quickly because of the celebrity support it got. Right now, it is one of the most populated social sites in the world. You can find people like celebrities, politicians, business owners and your neighbors there.

Uses of GB Insta

Another feature of GB Insta app is providing its users with two profile options. Your profile can be either private or public. The con is that even from the public profiles you can’t save a picture. For this purpose, you can find a haven in GB Insta. It is a modified app that allows you many unofficial features. This app saves you from the hassle of taking a screenshot and then cropping it to save a picture. You can save pictures and videos from any profile. It also enables you to share pictures and videos.

Use of GB InstaDescription
Enhanced PrivacyGB Insta provides additional privacy features, such as the ability to hide your online status, disable read receipts, and hide typing indicators.
Downloading MediaWith GB Insta, you can download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram directly to your device, allowing you to save and view them offline.
Multiple AccountsGB Insta supports the use of multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously, making it convenient for users who manage multiple profiles or have separate personal and business accounts.
Customization OptionsGB Insta offers various customization options, such as the ability to change themes, fonts, and colors, allowing you to personalize your Instagram experience.
Advanced Media SharingGB Insta allows you to share images and videos directly from other apps on your device, making it easier to share content from external sources with your Instagram followers.
Anti-Ban FeaturesGB Insta includes built-in features to help prevent your account from being banned, such as anti-ban measures and detection of fake/spam accounts.
Message SchedulingGB Insta provides the option to schedule messages and posts in advance, allowing you to plan and automate your Instagram activity.
Extra FeaturesGB Insta offers additional features not available in the official Instagram app, such as the ability to view full-sized profile pictures, zoom in on photos, and copy captions or comments.

GB Instagram Download on Android

Downloading the Gb Insta is easier and safe. Just click the download button below to start downloading GB insta APK.

  • Download the APK file:

When you download the app, you will see the APK file version in your downloads. Searching the file can be tricky if you are not good with technology. For convenience, use any file manager that is built-in available on your mobile. This will lead you to the download. From here you can click on the downloaded APK file. This will proceed you to the installation process.

  • Installing GB Insta:

When you open the downloaded file, a pop-up will appear on the screen that will ask you for permission to install it from an anonymous source. To give permission you just have to adjust some of your mobile settings and allow access.

After the installation is complete, you can again change the permissions on your mobile for your security.

  • Post Installation Process:

After the installation is complete, you can see the icon of GB Insta on your screen. The later process is very simple. You have to treat it just like any other app.

Click on the app icon and you will see a page where you are supposed to type your Instagram handle and password. Just like the original Instagram, it does give you the option of using a phone number or an email address to open the account.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that it will not disturb your activities on the original Instagram app. You can download and use both apps in one device.

After getting logged in, the feed of your Instagram will look exactly like the Original Instagram page’s format.

The real GB Insta journey starts after these steps. Now, by discussing its features I will tell you more about what this app offers. By delving into its various features, you can make your stories and posts stand out in the world full of Instagrammers.

Prominent Features of GB Insta

Talking about all the features is quite impossible but today we’ll talk about the most important features that GB Insta lets you have access to:

Various Themes

themes and stickers

If you have used the original Instagram them you must be well aware of the basic white page that it has. With GB Insta, the experience is extravagant. Not everyone likes the Light Mode that Instagram offers. Its 2019 and Instagram has only made a Dark mode available for the Apple users.

While using GB Insta, you don’t have to worry about a boring homepage. GB Insta takes care of its user preferences. If you go and look up into the settings of the Instagram, you will find an option of ‘Appearance’ in the options. By clicking on it, you will see three options available to customize your Instagram.

One option is to customize your feed look. Several colors are available that you can try on your Instagram including the world widely adored Dark Mode.

Second option is to customize the Chat bars. You can also experiment with various skins that GB Insta gives you. It too includes Dark mode as well as several other colors.

The third option is to customize the skin of your comment section. The same skin options will be available for this section too.

Download Photos and Videos


The most prominent feature of this app is that you can download as many photos, videos, and GIFs that you see on your timeline. This is the most discussed feature of this app since the Facebook-owned original version keeps its users deprived of it. With GB Insta, you can access this feature easily.

Let me give a quick theoretical tutorial on how you can download photos and videos. Open a post on Instagram. On its top right corner, you can see three vertical dots. When you click on the three dots, several options will appear on your screen. Click on the ‘Download Photo’ option. After the download is complete, a notification will appear on the top of the screen to inform you.

Using GB Insta is very easy and doesn’t take much time to master in this app. There are a few limitations that you need to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot download the ads or sponsored posts that appear on your timeline.
  2. You might need to give a few storage permissions before downloading the picture or a video. But this step has to be done only once until and unless you change the permissions again
  3. The GB Insta features are not available on Apple devices. So, if you are using one, then you can’t use this option.

This feature eliminated the hassle some process of taking screenshots or screen recording your Instagram. These old-fashioned ways only derogated the quality of those photos and videos.

Original & GB Insta

Some apps crash while you are using a MOD app or worse, they might not even work. In such cases, you might have to uninstall the original Instagram app. With GB Insta, this is not your headache. If you download GB, OG Insta then you can use the original Instagram as well as the GB Instagram. This will not come in the way of your productivity on any of the apps. You can use either different accounts on the apps or the same account too.

Secure Instagram Updates


While using MOD apps, one of the most basic concerns of the users is if they will get the latest versions of the app they are using. GB Insta is safe and well updated in this regard. You will see all the latest updates on your MOD version that occur on the original Instagram over time. Using GB Insta is safe since it is developed on the original Instagram.

Zoom Profile Pictures

profile button

One option that Original Instagram does not provide is zooming in the profile pictures. This option works wonders for the stalkers who want to see their crush’s photos. Well, with GB Insta you can zoom into the profile picture and see the original square photo.

Followers & Un-followers

Follow Indicator

Instagram is all about the game of counts. Whether it is the number of likes or the number of followers. If you have a high count of followers then it can be difficult to know who is following you and who isn’t. GB insta gives you access to this option too.

When you open a profile, you can see ‘Follows you’ve written right beside the profile picture where all the other information is written. This way you will know if a person is following you or not.

Accessibility to Links

auto reply

On the original Instagram, you can’t open or send proper links to one another. In Gb Insta, you can easily access the links that are sent to you by a person or you can also be the sender. Unlike the Original Instagram, the links will not appear as plain text on the screen.

Root Access


Unlike most of the MOD apps, GB Insta doesn’t consider Root Access important. This app doesn’t require any root access.

Copy Comments & Bios


Another famous issue that Instagram users face is not being able to copy comments and bios. In the original app, you don’t get to see the ‘copy’ option on the screen while using the app. With GB Insta, this issue will also get resolved. You can copy and paste comments and bios that you like anywhere from the app.

No Ban Issues

anti ban

Mostly when you use the MOD app, getting banned is also an issue that you might face. But, since told earlier the GB Insta is formed on the original Instagram app. So, this is not a problem for a GB Insta user.

These were the 10 prominent features of this amazing app. The list does not stop here. But for exploring the various other features, you must download this app and use it! Trust us, it will not disappoint you. So, go on and download this app to discover its several other features.


What is GB Insta?

GB Insta is the most reliable modified app that you can easily find on the internet. GB Instagram APK download is pretty convenient and easy to follow. Several fake apps claim to provide you with better versions of Instagram but most of them are scams. Whereas, this app has proved through a time that it stands as the best mod app in the town. This app will not only solve your former Instagram-related issues but will also provide you with a wide range of other cool features.

GB Insta is an app developed by AtnfasHoaks under the GB app developers. This app is a modified version that will allow you to have a unique experience of this famous social site. Although its features are overwhelming, yet its size is merely 50MB. You don’t have to worry about version updates since GB Insta keeps coming up with better versions with time.

GB Insta is NOT available on Playstore?

Unfortunately, GB Instagram is not available on Playstore like other apps. This is because Playstore doesn’t allow MOD apps. Finding this app is comparatively tricky but worth it. You have to look up it on the internet. I will guide you through all the follow-up questions that might pop up in your mind.

If you are an Instagram lover then let us show you the better version of this app.

Is GB Instagram Safe?

When using modified versions of apps like GB Instagram, it’s important to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks. While GB Instagram is widely used and generally considered safe, it is developed by third-party developers and not officially supported by Instagram. Therefore, there is a slight risk of security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues.

To minimize any potential risks, ensure that you download GB Instagram from trusted sources and keep it updated to the latest version. Additionally, consider using antivirus software on your device for added protection.


This was all about the efficient Instagram MOD app, GB Insta. You get to access various features that include downloading photos, videos & GIFs, it will allow you to customize your Instagram as much as you can dream of and so much more. After using this easy-going app, you will forget about the original Instagram app.

This app will also make your Insta look cooler and easy to handle since its many features pave an easy way. Because of its benefits, this app is growing more and more on the minds of all Instagram lovers.

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