OG Insta Download v15.4 [OG Instagram APK]

In a small time, OG Insta has coined its name in the industry. But, what is this app? How does it work? Why should I use it? Well, all of your questions are going to get answered right here. So, if you too have such questions in mind then keep reading!

What is all the craze about Instagram?

For starters, let me tell you about the famous Instagram app. Instagram is a media-based social networking site owned by Facebook. Within a decade, Instagram has shown incredible growth. People from all around the world use it daily. Not only the common people but also the most famous people from almost every country. Instagram has become an integral way to get fame for some people too. You can find influencers, models, actors, doctors, designers and so many other people on this app. But what is all the craze about?

The Flaws in Original Instagram

Celebrity support has caused much profit to the growth of this app. Despite all these facts, Instagram is still an extremely basic app. The controls that it gives to its consumers are rather scarce. This fact proves to be quite boring to many users and we can understand why. It is a media-based app but still, you do not get to save the pictures that you see on it. That’s crazy, right? You cannot zoom into the photos that you see nor you can see the profile pictures. This has made Instagram a conservative place. According to them, it is just to assure the safety of their users. But we all know the hassle of some ways to still capture a photo or a video from it. So why keep it this way?

What is OG Insta?

og insta

Instagram might never give us the answers but we have to find an alternative, don’t we? So, the tech experts came up with a great alternative known as OG Insta. This app is made by a third party who has given the users access to all the features that Instagram doesn’t. OG Insta is created on top of the Original Instagram and thus has all the basic features that your real Instagram does.

While using this better alternative, you can see that your feed will look identical to the original version. The only apparent difference would be OG Instagram written on the top of the app’s homepage. The features of this app are quite exhilarating. Especially, if you have used Instagram before then you will see a clear difference between the two. OG Insta is the MOD app that is way more convenient than the original app.

The reason that it is searched a lot by so many people and is growing day by day lies in the fact that it offers some good features.  After getting tired of the original version, this version seems to be very convenient and better for whoever uses it.

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Features of OG Insta

Now let’s take a look into the features of this app that proved to be the key to its success.

  1. Download Feature


The most basic feature that Instagram doesn’t provide and the one that outsells Instagram is the download feature. On OG Insta you can have access to this feature. You can download as many posts as you want to while using OG Insta. The sky is the limit in this regard.

The download feature is available for both photos and videos. This will make you stand out in the world of screenshots. Since when you take screenshots, the quality of the image or the video is compromised. Luckily, because of OG Insta, you don’t have to face that anymore.

Another thing that you can download in the latest version of this app is Instagram Story. This feature lets you keep a collection of all the posts and stories that you like.

How to Use this Feature?

Are you confused about the process? Here’s a quick tutorial for you all.

  • Choose the post that you want to download.
  • Click on the three vertical dots present on the top right corner of the post.
  • This will open many options on the screen for you.
  • Most of these options will be the random options that Instagram provides its users.
  • There you will see the ‘Download Photo’ option too. This will be the option provided by the OG Insta.
  • Click on that option. If it is your first time then it might ask you for some storage permissions. Grant them and then we can move on.
  • The post will start getting downloaded in the background.
  • When the download is complete, you will see a notification on the top.
  • The downloaded media can be found in the gallery or the File Manager.

After that, it is a simple process that you can do whenever you want. No more permissions nor screenshots.

  1. Facebook Login


Sometimes you don’t remember your password and that is a bummer. But, if you have connected your Instagram account to the Facebook account then that is not a matter to worry about. You can simply log in by using your Facebook account. There is no complex procedure in it. Rather, most of this procedure is similar to the one you see on the original Instagram every day.

This feature saves you from the conventional long ‘Forgot my Password’ process. Thus, is an easy time-saving feature.

  1. Follow Indicator

Follow Indicator

The cure to your curiosity is this feature. If you have so many followers then knowing if a specific person follows you or not can be difficult. That’s where this feature of OG Insta works wonders.

All you need to do is to open the profile you are curious about. On the profile, right beside the Bio section, you will see ‘Follows You’ written there. This way, you can know about your followers easily. People use many other apps along with Instagram for this purpose. Well, with OG Insta, not anymore!

  1. Zooming Profile Pictures

profile button

Another very basic feature that Instagram doesn’t provide is zooming into the profile pictures. In the site full of influencers, your favorite celebrities, and maybe a crush? This can be very harsh on some people. So, with OG Insta you get to zoom into the original profile pictures too.

All that you need to do for seeing the profile picture is to ‘Long Click’ on the picture and within seconds the original version of the picture will appear in front of you. With this, you can see a much clearer and larger picture.

  1. Bio


Whoever has used Instagram before, knows that it doesn’t even let you copy the bio of a person. Even though it is a very basic feature to copy texts from the site. But Instagram keeps its users deprived of it.

Because of this, users have to memorize the whole line and then rewrite them wherever they want to. This all sums up to be rather a hectic process. To keep such a long method eliminated, you can just switch to OG Insta. Here on this app, you can copy anyone’s bio easily and use it wherever you want.

  1. Video Player

video player

Instagram videos do not play with their sound right away. This can prove to be irritating for some people. For this cause, OG Insta provides you this feature. Through this feature, you can play videos with sound right away. No other extra process has to be involved, making it an easy task.

  1. Languages

Inbuilt Translator

With the growing number of people from different parts of the world every day, there are people from different ethnicities present on Instagram. In such a variety of people, your aesthetic might be to represent your ethnicity and culture. That can be your comfort zone. But, Instagram doesn’t provide a wide range of language on its app. Fortunately, you can reside in OG Insta for this cause. This app lets you switch to several languages. No more using your second or third language!

  1. Share URLs

auto reply

You can share URLs of any post that you like to a person who doesn’t use Instagram too. Normally this option is not accessible. With the help of OG Insta, you can conveniently copy and share the URLs to any app that you want e.gWhatsapp. This also makes social networking much easier and allows you to connect with your friends in a better way.

This was all about the exciting features that OG Insta provides you!

Download OG Insta

Downloading this app can be a little tricky for people who do not have a good grip over the technology. Since OG Insta is not available on the world’s famous Playstore. The reason behind it is that Playstore doesn’t allow third-party MOD apps into its services. So, I have made things easy for you, just hit the download button below to start downloading OG Insta APK.

[download id=”623″]

Here I will give you a step by step guide on how you can Download OG Insta APK so you don’t have to face any issues:

  • Once the download is complete, install APK by following the steps.
  • There in your mobile settings, you have to go to the security and allow downloading from ‘unknown source’.
  • You can change this setting after the downloading is complete.
  • Then find the file location on your phone.
  • Go into your File Manager and search for OG Insta there you will find an APK file.
  • From here click on it and start installing this app.
  • After the installation is complete, you can see the OG Insta icon on your mobile screen’s homepage.
  • From here you can use the app just like you use your regular Instagram.

One advantage of this app is that you do not have to uninstall the original Instagram app for this app. You can use both of these apps side by side. The only issue that you might face can be your storage issue.

Using this app is an easy method. You do not need days to become an expert in this app. Even though it gives you a variety of options, still using it is normal. When you start using it, it will only take a day or two for you to discover all of its features. Its appearance is similar to that of the original app. All the extra features are present within the usual Instagram options.

Frequently Asked Questions related to OG Insta

Now if you have some questions related to this app then you’re not alone. We can understand some basic concerns that people have before downloading a new app. Now, I am going to answer some of the most basic Frequently Asked Questions that we have encountered.

  1. Is it safe to use OG Insta?

Yes, it is safe to use OG Insta since it is developed on top of the well-known social site Instagram. You don’t have to worry about safety. It follows all the security procedures that the original Instagram app does. Thus, it is safe to use this app.

  1. Is OG Insta available on Apple phones?

Well, unfortunately, all Apple users cannot use this app. You guys have to stick with the original version since no MOD app is available on the Apple phones.

  1. Can I Log in with my Facebook Account?

The new update that makes using OG Insta a better experience is logging in through your Facebook account. So, yes you can do this anytime.

  1. Will I have to uninstall the Original Instagram for OG Insta?

No, these two apps can work perfectly side by side. Thus, you don’t have to go through the uninstalling process.

Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to finding a way to download the posts that you see every day and access all these new features then go ahead and download this app right away!

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