WhatsApp Aero APK v20.70.05 Download [Antiban, Latest Version]

This is essentially the latest release of modified WhatsApp Aero APK. There is a considerable number of mod versions of this product in the market right now, including; YoWa, GBWa, FMWa, etc. Maybe the most popular one you are familiar with is GB Whatsapp. So, why should necessitate this release? And how different is it from the rest? Well, apart from it being so brand new in the market, this application has a wide range of scintillating features-which we shall cover in this article.

The app was designed and developed by Bozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mods. Like other modified versions, this app has a lot more in common as it is different. Some of those features you enjoyed it other mod APKs are present and even improved. This modification has a brand new user interface which gives you a decent look. In addition to this, its performance is top-notch, its stability and speed are out of the park for the rest of the mods. Therefore, the development of this app was timely and entirely with the correct regard.

WhatsApp Aero

The Features of the App That Make It Outstanding

Ideally, a mod APK should have the same look as the original app, so that the user does not get confused while using it. This can be frustrating at times which can result in the user doing away with the application and reviewing it negatively, we don’t really want that do we? Therefore the features are more or less the same as the rest of the mods already out earlier, conspicuously, the app is anti-ban, hence no bugs and errors of any kind. Also, the performance is excellent. The new look of the user interface will definitely make this mod worth your consideration.

  • Advanced user interface
  • Fast speeds and efficient workability
  • Comes with a sticker and theme packs
  • Totally Anti-ban
  • screen personal customizations are available
  • Enhanced privacy and security with an inbuilt app locker
  • Other integrated WhatsApp features

Detailed Features of WhatsApp Aero

Understandably, you want the right product for your phone, and that is why you are choosy about the applications you download and install on your device. You would not want an application that does not last a day in your phone, and you do away with it, and chances are that such an app leaves viruses in your phone and leaves you compromised. Well, rest assured this mod is not such an app, and probably that is the reason you have reached up to this section. It is advisable you go through it carefully to help you make up your mind if this mod is worth the bargain.

  • Advanced user interface
user experience

You are pretty much familiar with the interface displayed by other mod apps, too much hanging at times when you really need it to be at its best, and an overly annoying interface that has attracted too many negative reviews already. This apk gives you an excellent user interface that is just incomparable to the mod APKs one thing you will agree about a modified product is that it should be better than the original. This version of Aero promises you that.

  • Fast and efficient performance
Fast and efficient performance

As technology advances, apps are also expected to follow suit. You do not really want to download an app that literally crawls or drags itself to work in these times and age. This version of the mod APKs is at the top of the integration. It brings together the art of beauty and speed. Therefore, you can confidently sign up to this app with full knowledge about just how sleek it can be. The efficiency and speeds are notably to of the class.

  • A ton of themes and stickers
themes and stickers

Nothing beats the convenience of making a chat fun and certainly refreshing. This mod version comes with its starter pack of emojis, stickers, and GIFs that are inbuilt! Exciting right? Now, sure enough, some will say, but the original app and even other mod versions come with their emoji packs. This is just true up to that point, because, the packs in other versions are not as many as they are contained here. Additionally, you can download more stickers and gips to expand your bank, interestingly, you will not need a second party or third party for you to download, the app comes with its own store.

  • Anti-ban
anti ban

You must have faced problems of the ban using other WhatsApp mods, but using this mod is 100% safe from bans, and it has the latest anti-ban system. You run no risk of getting banned while using this app. So sign up to this mod version and enjoy your way out of ban issues.

  • Additional Features
WhatsApp Aero features

These are features that although might be available on the other earlier released mods, were not as efficient and attractive as they are in this modern version of the application. These features are what give this apk an edge over its original.

  • Customizations

Your phone is not really your phone until you customize it, this also applies to the apps that run on the phone. In this case WhatsApp Aero. The ability of an app to be customizable is the epitome of comfort and uniqueness on your phone. This mod comes with some great options of customization, be it icons on the home screen, notifications, themes, in-app settings, you choose. You are guaranteed a choice in this one. For your phone is yours with your prints and preferences on it.

  • Hiding features

If you are the kind of a person who values app privacy, or sometimes you get so busy that you can only receive messages and cannot be able to reply to them in real-time, or you are just relaxing out on your vacation, and your workgroup keeps feeding your incessant phone messages that produce those annoying buzzes, well, this apk has got your back, below are just what the app can do. And you won’t really miss a thing.

  • You can hide the date and time while copying a message
  • The forward tag can be hidden
  • You can hide the second tick as well as the blue tick

Other Notable Features

  1. In-built locker. This feature enables you to lock your private conversations or the app itself – you do not need a third-party locker to secure your conversations.
  2. The anti-revoke message and status feature works when someone deletes a message or status, and you really want to see that.
  • It has better privacy options as well as a security system.
  1. You can perform a backup and restore on your app aside from the conventional phone provisions.
  2. Can send and receive large volumes of files, ie. High-quality videos, images, audio, and documents.

General App Information

Read through the summarized information in the table below to get an overview of the app’s general data. Ensure that your device has an android version that is the same as or higher than the one highlighted below. You can equally be able to upgrade to a higher version if your phone is enabled.

App NameWhatsapp Aero APK
Size 58 MB
Last Time Update06- July -2023

How to Download the Aero APK

You can download WhatsApp Aero mod APK by just tapping on the download button below. Remember to go through the installation guide for accurate installation of this WA mod and go through the FAQ section to clear some of your questions about the APK mod.


Installation Guide for Your Mod APK

This is to guide you on how to install your already downloaded app. If you are well versed with this, you can move on to the FAQs discussed below. For your easy installation, follow these steps.

Enable Unknown Source. Begin by turning on the “installation from the unknown sources” feature – which essentially means a third-party product. Since this version is not available on the Google app store or apple store, it is a third-party application. To enable the unknown source installation just go to settings, then find ‘security’ go to permissions, and then check the enable unknown source option. Remember to check it back off after installing the app to prevent spyware apps from installing themselves.

unknown source

After installation, open the app and set up your account. You may also disable your old app since one account cannot really run on two parallel apps. At this point, you can now enjoy all those fancy features you are eagerly anticipating.

installing whatsapp


Is the safety and privacy of this app entirely guaranteed?

You will be relieved to know that, YES; using this app is 100% safe from viruses, bugs, and malicious content. Also, you do not need to root your phone to enjoy the features that were covered earlier in this article. It is dangerous to root your phone since it lays you bare without any defense against prying elements. So, rest assured you’re your device is free from any malware risks.

Can one be banned because of using the app

No, you won’t be banned while using this app. As earlier stated, the app comes with an anti-ban technology that neutralizes any risks of the ban that were there. You are assured to use all the fancy features that come with this application and won’t run into any concerns of the ban like the old mod APKs.

Can hidden features in this app be used?

Yes, you can, even the hidden ones. You can hide the forward tag while forwarding a message. Also, you can hide the second tick as well as the blue tick. All these features are applicable to whoever downloads and uses this apk. Therefore you have no restrictions on the usage of these hiding features. So, you can be present but as well as remain invisible.

Does the app have anti-revoke text and status feature?

Yes, your app has an anti-revoke message as well as an anti-revoke status feature like Fouad Mods which you can be able to access any time you want to use. Using these features will help you to read the permanently deleted message as well as the deleted status of your contacts. When someone deleted a message from your chat, you can not see that message until when you activate the anti-revoke message feature, you can clearly see that message. The same goes for the deleted status by any of your contacts.

Is this version faster compared to others?

Yes, this version is quite faster compared to other versions, it is able to perform refresh at a speed equaling to the latest mobile phones processors. This is one reason it is recommended by many as the best. Coupled with a new user interface, the app gives you incredible experience and comfort. It is worth your trial.

The Bottom Line

In light of the above, you have learned all the necessary information about the WhatsApp Aero APK and how they have so far enhanced the workability of the original apk. It is, therefore, apparent that if a mod apk does not better the original apk, then move on, that is a trash app. In addition to this, you have a guarantee for your security and can also enhance your privacy in the app by activating the cool hiding feature. It is, therefore, worth a gamble to download and install this app to start enjoying all these cool speeds and superior features.

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