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This is essentially the latest release of modified WhatsApp Aero APK. There is a considerable number of mod versions of this product in the market right now, including; YoWa, GBWa, FMWa etc. maybe the most popular one you are familiar with being GB Whatsapp. So, why should necessitate this release? And how different is it from the rest? Well, apart from it being so brand new in the market, this application has a wide range of scintillating features-which we shall cover in this article.

The app was designed and developed by Bozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mods. Like other modified versions, this app has a lot more in common as it is different. Some of those features you enjoyed it other mod APKs are present and even improved. This modification has a brand new user interface which gives you a decent look. In addition to this, its performance is top-notch, its stability and speed are out of the park for the rest of the mods. Therefore, the development of this app was timely and entirely with the correct regard.

WhatsApp Aero

Application NameWhatsApp Aero APK
Developer NameBozkurt Hazarr
Latest Released21 December 2021
App Versionv18.60
Android Version4.0 +
Root RequiredNo
Size of file67 MB
[download id=”566″]

The Features of the App That Make It Outstanding

Ideally, a mod APK should have the same look like the original app, so that the user does not get confused while using. This can be frustrating at times which can result in the user doing away with the application and reviewing it negatively, we don’t really want that do we? Therefore the features are more or less the same as the rest of the mods already out earlier, conspicuously, the app is anti-ban, hence no bugs and errors of any kind. Also, the performance is excellent. The new look of the user interface will definitely make this mod worth your consideration.

  • Advanced user interface
  • Fast speeds and efficient workability
  • Comes with a sticker and theme packs
  • Totally Anti-ban
  • screen personal customizations are available
  • Enhanced privacy and security with an inbuilt app locker
  • Other integrated WhatsApp features