Top 3 DVD Rippers For Mac Reviews

When the files from the DVDs need to be compressed so that they can be used on various devices like phones, that is when one requires to use a DVD ripper. This is where it is very important to choose the right DVD ripper for Mac.

DVD ripper is usually software that can rip the contents of the DVD safely and compress it into various other formats. One can find free software as well as paid ones. However, it may depend on the type of features that they have.

Some are more sophisticated as they have more features like more supported formats and devices and have editing features while others are just simple rippers that get the job done with limited functionalities.

Below are three best DVD rippers which will simply make the dvd ripping job easier and faster. We highly recommend you get the option one.

#1 – MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is without any doubt the best in the market when it comes to professional-grade DVD rippers. It carries a plethora of features and it is faster than most of its competitors. It is affordable in price and is easy to understand without much hassle. One can rip videos in any format and for any device they want. It gives the user the full control to use any feature and make the output.

The ripped videos get optimized automatically, and therefore, the output is of higher quality. The software is useful in ripping encrypted DVDs and protected ones easily. The user interface is super easy to understand and thus new users can catch up real quick.

The Great Features

  • Converts DVDs into various device formats like iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone
  • Supports various formats for Mac
  • One can crop, trim, merge videos
  • It supports subtitles
  • Able to rip commercial or copy-protected discs
  • It allows the user to extract audio and video snapshots easily
  • Supports various players and devices
  • It gives 1:1 copy of the DVD
  • Directly upload the videos to video sharing sites


The Strengths and Weaknesses of MacX DVD Ripper Pro


  • Fast speed and stable DVD ripping tool
  • Can rip different types of DVDs including copy-protected discs
  • 350 plus ready preset video profiles
  • Affordable price with money-back guarantee


  • Editing features are limited
  • Does not support desktop PC

#2 – Tipard DVD ripper for Mac

Another of the powerful DVD ripper for Mac is the Tipard DVD ripper. It is easy and fast to work with and supports a large number of formats. If one is looking for a Mac DVD ripper software that helps rip and format HD and 4K videos, then this software is a perfect choice.

One can use this ripper to rip videos and audio files for various devices including mobile devices and MP3 players. Simply choose the batch option and DVD rips faster than ever. One can also use the software to crop videos, trim them, add watermarks, etc.

The Key Features

  • One can enable and choose subtitles
  • Enable audio track
  • The software rips DVD to both audio and video
  • Supports various 300 plus formats from MPG, MKV, AVI, WAV, MP3, RAZ, etc.
  • One can crop videos
  • Take snapshots from videos
  • File merging feature is included
  • Videos can be previewed
  • DVDs can be ripped in batches
  • It can rip commercial and protected DVDs

The Advantages and Weaknesses of the Program


  • Simpler user interface
  • Budget-friendly software
  • Can be used by newbies
  • Great customer and tech support


  • Certain protected DVDs are difficult to buy a pass
  • Slower when the videos are long
  • Videos cannot be uploaded to any sharing website directly

#3 – Handbrake

Handbrake is very efficient and works effortlessly on the Mac OS. Though some may say that this DVD ripper is slightly more complicated than its competitors, it is not something that cannot be learned. One of the best things about Handbrake is that is free, works as a DVD conversion tool as well.

It can rip videos in ay format without any issue. Simply choose a source of the video and the format of the output video. Now, pick the destination of the video. Now click on the rip option (start encode) to start the DVD ripping process. There is various video formatting option to pick from which will be compatible with set-top boxes, gaming consoles, web, PCs, and mobile devices.

The Main Features

  • Can rip and process any format of videos from DVD and BlueRays.
  • Audio encoders include MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, AC3, Flac, Vorbis
  • Batch scanning
  • One can select a chapter and range
  • Support CFR and VFR
  • One can queue the encodes
  • There are chapter markers
  • One can enable video preview and live static
  • It supports subtitles
  • Support video filters (scaling, cropping, deinterlacing, denoise, deblock, etc.)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Handbrake


  • A completely free software
  • It supports several video formats but less if compared to the paid alternatives
  • Supports batch DVD rippings


  • Unable to rip the copy-protected discs unless you use the 3rd-party decoder.
  • Ripping takes time for longer videos

Final Thoughts

While shopping for DVD ripper software for Mac, it is better to look for the ones which are easy to use. Not every software out there is user-friendly because some are created for the experts while some are targeted for the beginners.

Look for the features which will make video ripping easier and will also make the videos compatible with larger formats. If you are unsure which DVD software is right for you, we suggest you try the freeware Handbrake first or you can get a more reliable tool like MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

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