The 5 Main Benefits Of Continuous Controls Monitoring

Many businesses in 2022 are using continuous controls monitoring and this is for good reason. In a time and age where data plays such a massive role in business, it is important that organizations are able to continuously monitor this data and automate the testing of controls to ensure that these controls are always compliant and working as they should be. This can help organizations to reduce risk among many other benefits. This post will look at a few of the key benefits of continuous controls monitoring and how it can help organizations in all industries to improve in a handful of ways.

  1. Eliminate Surprises

One of the main benefits of continuous controls monitoring is that it can eliminate surprises for organizations. You will always have a clear insight into your controls and any issues that arise can be dealt with immediately, which can also help to prevent small problems from erupting into major problems.

  1. Prevent Cyber Breaches

A primary reason why so many organizations are using CCM in 2022 is to prevent cyber breaches. Cybercrime is a major and growing issue with cybercriminals using increasingly advanced tactics to steal sensitive and personal data, which can be costly for organizations in more ways than one. CCM helps organizations to take a proactive cybersecurity stance with total visibility over all of their IT tools in a unified place. This can make it easy for organizations to adjust their controls and prevent any control weakness that could lead to a breach.

  1. Ensure Compliance

CCM is also useful in terms of keeping an organization compliant, which is why these platforms are used in many highly regulated industries. This is because you are able to easily view and adjust your controls so that you are always compliant with any recent changes that arise. This can also lower your compliance costs and automate the process so that your team does not have to carry out arduous audits on an annual basis.

  1. Maintain Data Integrity

The continuous monitoring of data also allows you to maintain data integrity. Data needs to remain accurate, complete and consistent throughout its lifecycle in order to be worthwhile. When CCM is used, you can maintain data integrity throughout the entire lifecycle as it will be monitored at every stage.

  1. Maintain A Positive Reputation

Another important benefit of continuous controls monitoring is that it will help your organization to maintain a positive reputation. There have been many examples of businesses suffering a massive reputation hit following a data breach as they will lose the trust of the consumer and this can be hard to rebuild. With CCM, you can safeguard your reputation by preventing a data breach from occurring and this will help you to stay in the good books of your customers and provide peace of mind.

These are the main benefits of continuous control monitoring that all businesses can benefit from. In a time when data plays such a massive role in business, being able to continuously monitor data and test controls is key and can help businesses to reduce risk, prevent cyber breaches, and much more.

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