Key Advantages of Using ClockInEasy Time Tracking Software

When it comes to running a business, there are lots of aspects that need to be taken care of to sustain and remain profitable. As a result, business owners keep on looking for different ways to optimize their workforce. In the context of workforce optimization, managing the time and attendance of employees is not only a time-consuming task but often becomes a hassle as well. And that’s exactly where the importance of ClockInEasy time tracking software comes into the picture. The software, developed by clockineasy USA, is meant to eliminate the stress that business owners frequently face in managing their workforce efficiently.

Here’s a detailed look at how clockineasy Time Tracking software makes the lives of business owners a bit easier.

Major benefits offered by ClockInEasy time tracking software

The following advantages should help business owners make up their minds to switch to time tracking software while saying goodbye to outdated methods.

  •         No more buddy punching: The term buddy punching stands for an employee punching in for another one who’s absent or late. According to statistics, employers across industries face a huge financial loss each year due to this practice. While buddy punching is completely illegal, it happens frequently. But the good news is that it can be easily eliminated by using the ClockInEasy time tracking software. It comes with a facial recognition feature, which means employees can clock in for themselves only. Therefore, the scope of punching in on the behalf of another employee gets completely eliminated.
  •         Elimination of time theft: Time theft happens when employees get paid for the time they didn’t actually work. The ability to put an end to this practice is another notable advantage of using clockineasy USA’s time tracking software. It is not rare for employees to try to game the system to their advantage. While different types of time theft strategies are followed by employees, the time tracking software acts as a one-stop solution to make all of them unsuccessful. The facial recognition feature of the software is capable of detecting any fraudulent attempts within seconds without requiring any input from any other device.
  •         Checking of remote employee location: These days, a lot of businesses operate several branches at remote locations. Though it helps them offer top-notch customer support and build credibility, managing remote employees often becomes an issue. Again, the automated time tracker from clockineasy USA can be extremely useful in this context. It comes with a GPS location tracking feature that allows business owners to check whether or not the employees are actually at the remote job site.
  •         Simplified payroll process: Many top-tier employee time trackers including the ClockInEasy time tracking software come with the ability to integrate with payroll providers. This process completely eliminates the scope of manual mistakes as the system doesn’t need any human intervention. With the time clock recording and calculating payroll hours automatically, business owners can rest easy knowing that the payroll information is fully accurate. All they need to do is export the data packets from the time tracking software to their payroll software, import them in, and run the payroll.
  •         Leveraging the power of the cloud: These days, most of the time tracking solutions are cloud-based, which means they can be accessed anytime from any device. In addition to this accessibility, cloud-based time tracking solutions offer a plethora of crucial benefits such as automatic software updates and improved data security. While the former is essential for the software to perform efficiently, the latter helps to protect a business’s sensitive information. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it becomes immune to any location-specific disasters.
  •         Employee self-service: Some employee time tracking solutions come with a feature called employee self-service. It allows employees to get involved in different scheduling activities such as applying for shift swaps, schedule changes, among others. Managers can review those applications and make approvals within seconds. This feature triggers a win-win situation for everyone – the business gains from workforce optimization, managers get relieved, and employees feel valued and empowered.
  •         Improved employee accountability: Since these solutions track, record, and store everything revolving around employees’ work hours, there remains an audit trail. Additionally, they remove all possibilities of inaccuracies caused by human intervention while preventing any kind of changes to timesheets. As a result, employees get to understand that they are solely responsible for whatever they do at work and can be held accountable for any issues related to work hours.
  •         Valuable business insights: Some automated time trackers feature detailed reporting functions to help business owners gain insights based on which crucial business decisions can be made. For example, by going through the reports, it’s possible to capture insights about project costs, costs associated with third-party service providers, and other employee-related metrics. For any growing business, it’s imperative to streamline the operations, and the reports generated by the advanced time clock software solutions help business owners to do exactly that.
  •         Safe and easy to use: Advanced time clock software solutions such as clockineasy time tracking software that uses biometrics are inherently simple, secure, and time-efficient. It not only helps employees remain assured of their work hours being automatically tracked but supervisors and management to feel relieved as well.
  •         Better ROI: Though the initial costs of deploying an employee time tracking software may seem like an expensive affair, most companies start to see an ROI within a couple of months. Even some top-tier systems, including the one from clockineasy USA, cost just a few dollars each month for each user, which can be easily justified by the savings in eliminating time theft alone. And when factors like increased productivity, elimination of buddy punching, employee self-service and so on are taken into account, it leads to a significant amount of savings each month.

As can be seen in the above-mentioned advantages, an advanced employee time clock software solution such as the ClockInEasy time tracking software offers much more than an effective tool to keep track of employees’ work hours. It gives business owners a robust, error-free, and automated platform to make accurate business decisions while helping them in improving the bottom-line.

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