Internet Faxing via Email By Using Online Faxing Services

If you are from tech-generation, you must be thinking that email has replaced fax communication.  You cannot imagine your life without the internet, smartphone, and Google because they have become a part of your life.

However, there is still a significant portion of people who realize the importance of fax in business communication. That’s why even though there are methods like Gmail communication available, fax is still prevalent today.

Now to fill this gap, new technology has discovered ways to fax with smartphones, without depending on the machines, papers, and ink. In this fast world where you have to fax on the go, Google free fax services provide you ways to send a fax even if you are a perpetual tyro when it comes to anything related to computers or electronics.

How to fax from email through the internet

Yes, you can fax if you just have an internet connection and a smartphone, PC, or laptop. As you know it seems impossible to send analog signals through digital technology, to accomplish this impossible you just need a Gmail account and an online faxing service. This online faxing service is designed to work as a virtual fax machine and convert the digital files to analog documents for you behind the scene if the recipient is still using the fax machine. These services also can send online faxes to another Gmail account or to another computer using online faxing services directly through a web browser.

You have to get a subscription to use these services. There are some services that provide you a free trial and after that trial, you are required to pay them.

For faxing, as you may know, a fax number is mandatory. These online services provide you this fax number online free of cost for a certain period of time. To make it permanent you have to upgrade your plan. Before choosing any online faxing service make sure it works on smartphones as well as your laptop and PC.

CocoFax- reliable, affordable online faxing service

CocoFax is the most reputed and user-friendly online faxing service. It is designed around a client-server architecture. CocoFax is very robust and reliable. It has got all the features and comforts you want from your ideal faxing service. If you want to send more than a few facsimiles a day, then CocoFax is the faxing service for you. In fact, with CocoFax Email fax is the best option to send any sensitive, legal document.

CocoFax sends faxes anywhere you want both nationally and internationally. With CocoFax you can do both, you can send the fax as well as receive the fax through a Gmail account or directly by using a web browser.

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Why is CocoFax the best option to send a fax via email?

Before choosing any faxing service, make sure you know about the feature they have to offer. Some online faxing services may have limited features and some don’t even send fax via email. With CocoFax you can send a fax directly through your email account.


We recommend CocoFax because it is cheaper than others. You can use it on any platform. You can send online faxes right from your phone or tablet on the go. CocoFax is integrated with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google drive so you can quickly grab files from the cloud, attach them to your virtual fax, and send them.

CocoFax has maximum storage capacity; you can securely store and easily access all inbound and outbound faxes online for the life of your account. Now you can instantly send and receive faxes without compromising the security of sensitive documents.

For further details about CocoFax, you can visit their official site from here.

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How to send faxes with CocoFax via email?

Sending a fax via email is similar to sending a normal email. No need for a landline or keeping your PC on 24/7.

You can fax multiple files of different formats via email like pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, png by following a few steps. Here faxing via email by using CocoFax is described in detail but you can fax directly through the CocoFax web browser too.

Step 1: first of all go to the official website of CocoFax and register for a CocoFax account through any device. The first step in signing up is to choose the free fax send and receive faxes this fax number works like your Gmail ID.

fax number


Now, enter some personal information and the email address of yours which you want to use to send and receive faxes from other people.

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Step 2: after that access the email client on your PC or smartphone. You can go through your web browser or via an app whatever you like.

Step 3: After reaching your email account now is the time to draft your first fax without a machine.

Click on the ‘compose new email’ option on the top left corner, a new window will open with several fields. You have to fill in the mandatory fields.

To field: in this field where you normally type the email address, now you have to type the recipient’s fax number followed by “”. For example, if their number is 123456, you write “” without the quotes.

fax demo

Subject field: this field is optional. Note of this field appears at the top of the fax.

Email body: it is also optional. You can type a short message for the recipient here. It will become the cover page of the fax.

Attachment: now this is the field where you will attach the document you want to send. After scanning the document with a scanner and if you don’t have a scanner you can just take pictures with your smartphone and attach them to the email.

Step 4: Lastly, click on the ‘send button after reviewing the fox and the fax number. And that’s how you can send your first fax via email by using CocoFax without purchasing any machine, landline, and costly paper.

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You will receive a confirmation email when the fax reaches the recipient successfully and if not you will get a notification in your inbox. Check the recipient’s fax number and try again. Other reasons could be that the line is busy or the recipient’s fax machine is switched off.

Receive fax via email while using CocoFax:

For receiving the fax you don’t have to do anything. Unlike multifunctional printers or fax machines which also support fax to email, you don’t even have to keep your PC on 24/7. It happens automatically. Incoming fax will be converted to email and sent straight to your inbox by CocoFax. If there are multiple documents, they are converted into PDF format and attached to the email. You can view them on any gadget and print them out if you want.

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Fax to email and email to fax is much more convenient and hassle-free. For online faxing CocoFax is the world-leading service with multiple features with which even a person naïve to technology can send and receive fax from all around the world, without seeking anyone’s help.

You can send both personal and professional faxes every day by using CocoFax because it drastically reduces your overheads, saves time, and provides instant service.

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