7 Best UK VPN in 2022

There are many reasons to use a VPN. You can use it to access geo-blocked content, for gaming or business purposes. In every case, you look for a relaxed way to surf the Internet and protect your data.

And that’s where you can use a VPN whether you’re traveling to the US or UK. You can use a UK VPN or other VPNs that can help you get out of this dilemma. But before that, let’s find out more about VPNs in general.

What Is A VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a server that acts as a middleman between your network and the Internet.
In other words, it connects your Internet traffic to a remote private network. And now, this enables your data to travel through an encrypted tunnel. This means you can easily surf and access anything on the Internet, and nobody can find your identity as a VPN seals your IP address and secures your connection.

7 Best UK VPNs To Look Out For In 2021

As per Norton, cybercriminals are estimated to steal 33 billion records in 2023.
That’s a whopping number! It doesn’t matter if you live in the UK or Canada; protecting your identity on the Internet is the need of the hour.

So, here we are suggesting to you the best VPNs to look out for if you’re in the UK.

1. Urban VPN

Urban VPN is consumers’ favorite since it is inexpensive and offers exclusive new features for free. Without any doubt, this VPN will keep your data secure while surfing the Internet.

Considering the cyber threats, this VPN helps to reroute your IP address and makes you anonymous. This does not affect your browsing speed even after protecting your identity.

Some solid features of Urban VPN are easy remote access, anonymous browsing, multi-Protocol, and peer-to-peer connections.

2. ExpressVPN

This VPN provides you a connection to up to 5 devices at the same time. This is fascinating. ExpressVPN can consistently unblock popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and others without any major interruptions, lag or buffering. Its support is torrenting no matter where you’re in the world.

Its standard security features use 256-bit AES encryption. This also includes a kill switch, secure protocols, a no-logs policy, and split tunneling.

It’s different from other VPNs since it allows you to choose which data gets routed through the VPN server and hides your VPN traffic. In short, it adds another layer of security to your network.

The best part is it doesn’t have an ad blocker which provides you a fair performance compared to other local services.

3. NordVPN

This high-speed & reliable VPN is a top-notch VPN reviewed by many big tech magazines. With hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide, you can easily get carried away by the numbers.

Its high-speed works best for streaming services like Netflix, Disney & more. It protects you 24*7 from any malicious identity on the Internet. The policies like audited zero-logs policy & no IP leaks make it best for use.
It is user-friendly. With a strong encryption tunnel, it secures all your data and traffic.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark works best when traveling across different locations like the UK, US, or any other country. Since its ability to mask your IP address is top-notch, nobody can check your Internet history details, not even your ISP provider, which is a plus point..

This directly protects you from data throttling. You can bypass firewalls and avoid getting tracked by the government or hackers.

5. CyberGhost

It’s a multipack-aged VPN. CyberGhost provides high-speed and excellent privacy for a fair price.
It is labeled as one of the fastest VPN on the market. Yes, for some valid reasons. It uses kill switch features and is an open VPN that keeps your data and stream safely.

With servers in 92 countries, it has high-speed servers for torrenting like peer-to-peer. With a single subscription, you can connect this VPN to 7 devices and surf anonymously.

If you’re a public person and travel a lot, CyberGhost is an expert that keeps your data and activity safe when you’re connected to any public Wi-Fi.

6. IPVanish

With over 40,000 addresses and 1100 servers, IPVanish does sell itself short. It allows simultaneous connections with over 10 devices and also has a fantastic kill switch feature for data security.

When it comes to authentication, you can fortify authentication and access control for your digital data or products with some knowledge using a VPN.

Its solid download speeds help you to download and stream appropriate content. Its split tunneling feature allows you to select which apps you want to use with IPVanish.

7. Hotspot Shield

With P2P support, this VPN brings a fresh look, a visually attractive interface, and browser extensions. It has consistent speed and a good IP Leak Protection service.

It claims to work best in downloading torrent files while connected to servers in the UK and other countries. Hotspot Shield VPN is transparent when logging, identifying your IP address, and checking the duration of sessions.


So whether you’re in the UK or Australia, you must know everything about VPN. Become clear with your priorities and what you need.

This will eventually help you to decide on the best VPN for your device. Remember, security and privacy are two sides of the same coin, so make your decision while considering these two points.

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