10 Key Features of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Moodle is one of the widely used and free-to-customize LMS written in PHP. It is an ideal platform for building e-learning websites used by individual tutors, small and large educational institutes offering blended learning, and distant learning opportunities. Moodle can be tailored to deliver customized online learning environment that fits the needs and learning requirements of all stakeholders.

Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It was first released about 18 years ago by Martin Dougiamas to offer personalized learning environments for educational institutes and organizations.

Today, Moodle powers 100,000 registered websites supporting 150 million+ learners. Moodle is based out in Perth, Australia with regional offices around the world. Moodle has now become a popular platform for both academic and organizational level e-learning applications. 

Key Features of Moodle LMS

Moodle has evolved with a host of features focused on building a customizable and feature-rich learning environment. 


  • Modern and Easy to Use


Moodle LMS is designed to be responsive and accessible on both Mobile and Desktop to provide a better overall learning experience. The interface is easy to navigate for all users, especially for those with little to no prior exposure to the platform. 


  • Collaboration Tools 


Moodle is built for collaboration to improve the learning experience. Moodle has add-ins for popular learning tools, including but not limited to Big Blue Button, Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, and WebEx. 


  • Analytics and Track Progress


Moodle offers a range of stats at the course level that helps the instructor keep track of the students’ progress and ensures timely updates. The analytics also provide insights about the number of students who sign up for the courses. As such, their collective and individual progress can also be measured to help improve, adjust, or plan the course material.


  • Customizable


Educational Institutes and organizations invest in Moodle development to make it more customizable as per their needs and the usage requirements. Moodle can be integrated with other products and services to customize the platform.


  • Secure – Regular Security Updates


Moodle gets regular security updates from its developers that ensure the safety of the platform. Moodle is used by thousands of users that make it more vulnerable to security threats but being free and open-source doesn’t compromise on safety.


  • Manage User Roles and Permissions


Through Moodle, the admin of the website can easily assign the management roles to ensure the proper utilization of resources available. The admin can easily add or remove a person as per the requirements. Educational institutes use this feature to assign classes to teachers and further adding/allowing students to access courses taught by their particular subject teacher.


  • mLearning


With more people opting for online learning, the providers need to offer and enable the platform for mobile learning. Moodle also facilitates the mLearning through its official app through which courses can be browsed, receive notifications, track learning progress, and much more. The Moodle app is also customizable just like the desktop version. 


  • Cloud Hosting


Moodle is an affordable LMS as compared with any other commercial LMS available in the market. The server and the customization of the LMS are affordable. The best moodle hosting for your LMS depends on the multiple factors but it needs to few must-haves i.e. scalable server resources, no downtime, faster cache, and load time. 


  • Microlearning


One of Moodle’s great advantages is it gives you access to lots of different types of interactive, reusable content. And microlearning is all about fast learning material which can easily be personalized and reused to save time for publishing. Adding to that the incredibly simple content development skill that is the cornerstone of Moodle, and with the blink of an eye, you can create quick interactive courses.


  • Engagement and Assessment


With Moodle, students can engage with their teachers using the Chat option and other easy to use communication features, and vice versa. It is easy for students to assess their progress and this option keeps them motivated to get the work done. It is clear to both teachers and students during the sessions about their progress and this makes a particular feature of Moodle a big help. 

Why Choose Moodle To Launch an e-Learning Website? 

Moodle is in the e-learning industry for the past 18 years and has a ton of experience through which it has improved the platform to offer better features and modules that make the overall user experience easy and swift. 

Moodle is not free to use but cheaper than many other commercial LMSs in the industry. With the right hosting solution, working with Moodle can be a great experience.


Moodle is making online learning easier and providing more accessibility to learners across the globe. Above, we’ve discussed the 10 key features why Moodle is the right choice for building your online learning portal. Let me know your favorite feature of Moodle in the comments below.  

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