What You Must Know About Link Building In 2022

Gone are the days when companies could grow without facing competition. It is getting increasingly difficult day by day to capture leads and convert them into customers. But when it comes to increasing sales online, Link Building can help you improve your SEO efforts and become visible!

Link Building – The Basics

Link Building is an essential SEO strategy that is much like building credibility in a social environment but in a digital way. Doing Link Building on your own or hiring a team for it is very costly, but an affordable link building service can help you achieve your Link Building goals without breaking the bank.

Here’s how one can define Link Building in 3 simple steps:

Now, on the surface, Link Building doesn’t seem like something difficult at all. But unless you are fully equipped with knowledge about Digital Marketing, SEO, and Link Building, in particular, you will not reach your goals. Keep reading as this blog is going to show you the essentials of Link Building in 2022!

The Process

The best thing about Link Building is that it’s not some cliché marketing strategy. There is a complete guide map of building links for your website that you can follow. You can do the Link Building for your website yourself, but keep in mind that it’s more time-consuming than you might think.

These are the basics of EVERY Link Building campaign:

  1. Choosing the websites that are relevant in the industry.
  2. Analyzing the audiences of these websites in detail.
  3. Understanding the content strategy of these sites.
  4. Building connections with the websites’ publishers.
  5. Providing authoritative and engaging content.

Building the links!

Here’s a quick example: If you are selling clothes online, your website should have backlinks from authoritative websites in the fashion niche. The presence of quality backlinks on your websites will signal the search engines about your website’s credibility, and you will eventually rank #1 on SERPs.

In the next section, you will find a brief overview of every step of Link Building.

Choosing The Websites

This Link Building strategy might be the easiest or the toughest, depending on your approach and needs. If you are after unknown and dull websites in your industry, you will have to spend no time at all discovering them. But finding authoritative websites in your niche that accept contributions is tricky.

Your business website will only be considered “Authoritative” if you have backlinks from the top players in the industry. So the first thing is that you don’t have to get tons of backlinks from ghost websites. Focus on getting backlinks from leading websites is the real key!

Here’s how you can find the best websites in your niche for getting backlinks:

  • Put your target search query in the Google search bar.
  • Make a list of the websites that rank on top against your keyword.
  • Scan different websites to find ones that provide the best content.
  • Use proven tools like Buzzsumo or AllTop for finding the top sites.

Check The Audience

Some websites DO rank on top of SERPs but don’t have a credible audience on the back. You have to avoid any website that doesn’t have a following on the internet. Properly analyzing a website’s audience can help you decide which ones are the best for getting backlinks.

Here are some of the proven tips for analyzing the audience of a website:

  • Look at the social profiles of the websites.
  • Check if they get any social shares or not.
  • Use traffic analysis tools to understand their visitors.
  • Find out how many comments they get on their blogs.
  • Figure out how often or less they publish content online.

Their Content

You might have heard thousands of times that “Content is King” because it is! Informative and engaging content is the most valuable asset when it comes to building your online presence. The content you publish helps you build links and gather an audience willing to do business with you.

When analyzing different websites for your link-building efforts, you have to check their content. This is what contextual link building is about. The following tips can help you analyze the content on any website the right way!

  • Check the length of their top posts.
  • Analyze the way they format the content.
  • Find out the top topics on their blogs.

Building Connection

Now that you have a list of websites you want links from, it’s time to choose one way from the two mentioned below:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Blogger Outreach

i. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the process of publishing your content on a website as a guest contributor. You write on an authoritative blog and get a backlink to your website in return. Guest Posting helps you get backlinks, establishes you as an authority in the industry, and tells people that you know the business!

ii. Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is rather simple compared to the Guest Posting strategy. Instead of writing content as a Guest author for a website, you reach out to the website’s editor and ask them to mention you on their blog. The readers of a blog find your business this way, and you end up with a quality backlink.

Now, as easy as it seems, Blogger Outreach is still a tough process. The problem is that famous bloggers get tons of requests from people who want to get a backlink from their website. You ACTUALLY have to prove to the bloggers that what you do is better and prominent than anyone in the industry.

Writing Good Content

So if you have decided the path of Guest Posting, you have to ensure that you are coming up with the right content. Pitching rookie content to different websites will only result in rejections, and you will waste your time. How about writing quality content from the very beginning?

You can follow these simple steps to write amazing content:

  • Write with your target audience in mind.
  • Keep all the sentences short, concise, and to the point.
  • Center your content around the needs of the audience.
  • Always follow the SEO-writing guidelines when writing content.


Link Building is not all about building inbound links to your website – it’s about understanding the needs of your industry. Spend some time researching the tips mentioned above so you can build more backlinks the right way. Happy Link Building!

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