What Parts Should You Buy Now for Your Car Upgrades

Getting a car is one thing and maintaining it another. There are many ways in which you can optimize your car’s performance, and one of them includes replacing the parts that are giving you problems. Cars can become an excellent companion for all your journeys and will provide you with a great experience if you choose to go through with certain modifications. Certain car parts are worth your money as they can be considered an investment in the long run.

Following are some car parts that you should consider buying right now to upgrade your car:

Tires will go a long way

Pun intended. Tires are meant to take you places, so you should not compromise on spending time getting good tires. The typical price for tires can range anywhere from $150-300 per tire. Good tires will help you with braking, cornering, and accelerations. For people living in areas with long winters, investing in separate sets of tires for different weather conditions will help you get the best out of your driving experience.

Harnesses and race seats

It goes without saying that safety should be your topmost priority while driving. Seat belts need to be of the best quality available so that they do not cause you any harm when you most need to be protected. A good seat and harness will not only be comfortable but also be a great upgrade to what your old car is offering you. You will be able to control the steering, acceleration and braking better. The price for a quality pair of seats and harnesses will cost you approximately a couple of hundred dollars.

Brake lines and brake pads

Getting an upgrade means getting a car part fixed, which is ideal for your driving habits and will actually benefit you instead of just being fancy and over expensive. Changing your rubber brake lines will also make a huge difference in your driving experience. Switching from rubber brake lines to stainless steel lines is a big improvement and also a more durable choice. Stainless steel brake lines would not cost more than a couple of hundred dollars which is about the same price range for brake pads.

Shock absorbers and springs

If you have any experience with driving on bumpy roads, you know how important shock absorbers are. Keeping the tires planted on the road makes the ride smoother and more comfortable for everyone involved. The car’s stability is very much impacted by the state the shock absorbers and the springs are in. When it comes to springs, you do not need to experiment much unless you have some specific product design in mind. The springs you go for should be stiffer and lower to give you the best return. This upgrade will cost you anything above $500.

The Interior is Important

This includes touching up how your car looks from the inside. The upgrades you have in mind will have different costs depending on the quality and need. Another reason why the interior is important is that you can choose to get rid of excessive weight and make the car lighter.

If your car is lightweight, it will corner better, the acceleration will be faster, and the brake will be shorter. Some of the weight can be reduced by removing the carpeting and the seats. Removing the insulation for sound proofing the car also adds extra weight along with the air conditioning unit. These will be big compromises, though. So, choose this upgrade accordingly.

An anti-roll bar

An anti-roll or sway bar is used to connect the sides of the suspension of the car. This also prevents the car body from leaning to one side while you are driving or cornering. An anti-roll bar allows the tires to distribute the weight of the car evenly. If you choose to go with this upgrade, it will cost you at least $300. Strongly consider choosing an adjustable anti-roll bar, as it will allow you to adjust the settings so that you can have a good driving experience.

Replacements in your suspension

These mainly include worn-out rubber pieces that require replacement with continued use. The cost of this upgrade isn’t much and can cost you less than $100 if you do not want to go with a more expensive option. The rubber pieces in the suspension are called bushings, and they perform a variety of functions. By absorbing noise, harshness, and vibration of the suspension, they make the drive more comfortable.

Since these rubber parts are soft, they eventually give in to wear and tear, and the parts under their control start moving more extensively. You might think it does not make much difference, but as a driver, you will feel significant improvement in the quality of driving once you replace the old bushings with new ones that are meant to enhance the driving performance. It will make a great difference if your car is old and is not giving a performance like it used to.


No, this is not what you think. LSD here stands for limited-slip differential. Most cars come without a limited-slip differential when they are manufactured in the factory. This means that it is driven by the wheel, which has the lesser amount of traction out of all wheels. Instead of directly going for engine modifications, consider getting a good LSD first. These will cost you around $500 and can go up if you are willing to invest more. You will be able to use the power already in your arsenal if you upgrade your car with an LSD.

The Takeaway

Upgrades of your car will demand some money from your pocket. But rest assured, the expenditure would be worth it. Once you have decided all the modifications that need to be done, you can even ask for a manufacturer who has automotive parts made of a plastic mould maker. Whatever you choose, consider all the pros and cons and drive with ease.


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