Top Free Apps for Finding Jobs

With almost everyone leading a busy life, not all of us have the comfort to sit down on a laptop or computer to look for a job. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case, as with most things in life, hunting for jobs has recently gone mobile. Nowadays, you can search and even apply for a job as you commute and anywhere with good internet connectivity.

You do practically anything with these apps as they connect people looking for jobs with recruiters and positions available. You can do most of the tasks involved in the application process on your smartphone or tablet, even though sometimes it can be tiring depending on the details required.

Even so, looking and applying for a position has been made easier, and you do not need access to a computer. You will even come across applications that allow you to create a resume and get matched with a position that matches your details. You then apply for the job directly from the app, thus saving you plenty of time at the end of the day. 

With that being said, which apps are excellent for your job hunt, given the multitude available? Well, there’s a wide array of applications on both iOS and Android that will come in handy in your endeavor. In this list, we are going to help narrow down your search by discussing the best six free apps for job search. 


This is perhaps the most popular app for people who work on an hourly basis. The brains behind this application understand pretty well that the needs of non-salaried people move fast. Once you import your social media profile from either Facebook or Google and fill in your personal details, you are clear to start browsing on hourly positions available in your local region. You filter the results either by type of job, schedule, and distance. 

SnagAJob ideally features a map that shows you where the recruiters or companies are located. Even though the app displays positions that only require one click to apply, there are many that call for a tedious application process. Also, the app doesn’t feature skilled and salaried jobs, which can feel limiting to some individuals. 


This is an application that is very similar to the renowned Glassdoor desktop experience. Using a tablet or smartphone, you get to access thousands of open positions and get first-hand knowledge regarding the companies from current and former employees. The app is ideally divided into an array of categories, including salaries, companies, interviews, and jobs. This makes navigation seem a bit overwhelming for first-timers, but it’s something to get used to in no time. Just like the desktop version, the company reviews and employee insights are what make the app attractive. Filling applications on the mobile version isn’t the most intuitive. 


This is an app that gives you access to a wide array of tools for each step involved in job hunting. You get the option to create your personalized resume and save it in just a few clicks. You can then use the resume to apply for positions you’re interested in. CareerBuilder app also features alerts that proactively notify you whenever a recruiter views your resume and tells you which individual it is.

Looking for jobs is relatively straightforward using this artificial intelligence and augmented reality-powered application. Its local targeting feature provides a map and list view of the jobs available and gives you an entirely different experience in the job searching process

The app ideally sends out alerts about new job positions based on your preferences and displays the higher-paying ones, including information on how to get the required skills for the next levels. The app features tools that will help you start planning on the next stage in your career, and hence the name career builder. 


If you are on the hunt for a job app that involves self-discovery while searching for jobs, then this one is a good fit. Good. co allows you to find companies and positions that not only pay you well but also benefit your overall well-being. The app provides career & personality quizzes that help match you with an ideal company based on your qualifications and personality, but also give you nuanced insights into your character. However, unlike the rest of the apps in this list, Good. co doesn’t let you apply for jobs in-app but instead redirects you to the company’s site to complete the process.

Simply Hired

This is another job app that is constantly improving on the interface. The developers recently added features that make it possible for people to sort positions either by date or relevance in order to minimize all the constant scrolling that come with searching for jobs on an application. Your homepage includes your recent searches, and it makes it easy to save and share jobs.

However, as with most job search apps, this one seems to have one foot on the mobile version and the other on the desktop. For instance, some positions allow for one-touch job applications, while others call for cover letters and resumes to be uploaded. It’s a search-based application that requires you to find jobs rather than being delivered as with the apps above. The user experience can also feel a bit mobile-unfriendly as it doesn’t quite fit the smartphone display. 

Indeed Job Search

This is without a doubt the most popular app when it comes to looking for jobs. With this intuitive app, you simply upload your resume and ideally apply for jobs. The application has a mobile extension of Indeed’s desktop version. However, it is search-based, and this makes it a bit hard to passively come across new job positions. To apply for jobs, you need to fill out position-specific details, including things like samples, cover letters, portfolios, etc. as you can already guess, doing all this on a mobile device and be a bit cumbersome. 

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