Top 9 Educational Mobile Apps for Students

Mobile educational apps to help in college

Just some time ago, smartphones were considered evil and the main source of distraction in college which teachers were fighting to forbid using on campus. Now, with technologies evolving and many mobile apps available on the market, their value for education is priceless, and we should thank them for all these failed attempts.

From gaming to business apps, technology has revolutionized different industries, including education and providing us with mobile educational apps that improve our skills, increase productivity, provide assignment writing help and make the entire learning process fun and entertaining both for teachers and students. So what technological advancements can we enjoy now?

Popular mobile apps that can help in education

Educational mobile apps have transformed smartphones into powerful instruments engaging students in curricular activities. They become kind of the next level after different online websites where you can find help with papers and homework, asking, «Can you do my science homework and what is the price?. Often such resources even offer bonuses and promo codes like speedypaper discount code to fit the student`s budget.

Compared to these sites, mobile apps can provide a wider range of options from language learning to solving Math tasks, and many of them are completely free.

No matter whether it is studying a particular subject or organizing your schedule in general, special educational software can help you increase your performance and understand complex topics. In our list are top educational apps for students changing college life:

  • Google Classroom

This tool is especially useful during COVID-19 quarantine when students have to study remotely. This platform represents the standard classroom where you can communicate with your teacher via personal and group chats, send assignments to check and have them graded, participate in online classes, start discussions, ask complex questions, and share resources. It is simple to use: the teacher creates and shares a code to join the classroom.

  • edX

Have you ever dreamed of entering Harvard or MIT? These universities are very prestigious and hard to get to, so this mobile app facilitates this task providing their courses on your smartphone. All famous universities can be at your fingertips – this is just living the dream. The app features almost 2K courses including linguistics, business disciplines and engineering presented in study materials, quizzes and video tutorials.

  • Remind

This app is efficient for group learning, as it helps you stay connected to your college community. In the app you can get regular updates on activities, schedule changes, upcoming events, and other things.

  • Duolingo

You have probably heard about it as one of the top popular educational apps for students. It is a famous brand fit into one convenient mobile app, which makes learning a new language much easier. The software provides a range of languages from English to Latin, presented in a simple, engaging, and interactive way. Completing every level, you can fix your grammar, enrich vocabulary, and set specific goals for a day to control the process.

  • Photomath

This app is essential for STEM students that have to deal with Math every day. It can help you solve challenging and complex tasks by taking a picture of the printed question. Then the app shows you how to solve the task so that you could learn from it.

  • SoloLearn

As programming becomes more popular, many students are interested in becoming the creators of apps instead of regular users. This one can teach you coding from the very beginning as it offers a few popular programming languages to choose from.

  • Quizlet

This application helps students learn faster and easier, providing you with different study modes: flashcards, tests, writing papers, learning information, etc. It controls your progress and reminds about improving the weak points.

  • Kahoot

If the previous app was more focused on flashcards with the diversity of choice, this one is more concentrated on quizzes. You can study yourself or join other players competing with them (challenging your friends brings even more fun.

  • Udemy

Last but not least, the app can boast with over 130K of video tutorials on different courses, from personal development and growth to business disciplines. If you need help, instructors can answer your questions and explain complex subjects.

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