Top 6 Advantages of Managed IT Services

The digital world is constantly changing. Whether you have a small or large business, managed IT services can help your business grow and remain competitive, no matter the demands. This article will help you learn more about IT managed services and some of the advantages that can contribute to your growth and objectives.

Focus on Main Objectives

Your IT needs will constantly grow because of your business. While your IT team might handle the majority of your workload, it will still be overwhelmed. As a business owner, you will have to assign new responsibilities to people who don’t work for the IT team, which can lead to a distraction from main business objectives.

Your managed IT services will come in handy by freeing up your employees and filling in any gaps. Another benefit of managed services is that they offer a flexible service model that determines what level of service your business needs.

Get the Needed Expertise

With technology revolutionizing everything, your IT team might find it challenging to solve every problem. Apart from this, you will need a lot of resources to support your business solutions, but this becomes an issue if your IT department is a one-person type of shop.

What can solve this? Hiring new team members will get the job done. However, the cost of hiring and then training new members can be a lot – more than $1,886 per employee training. Additionally, there’s a continuous IT talent shortage to deal with. 

Acquire Reliable Contacts

When you decide to work with a managed service provider (MSP), you will get a whole new dedicated team that’s lead by a customer success manager (CSM) and it will work towards providing your business solutions. 

For example, Converged Technology Group provides your IT department with the necessary skills and resources that satisfy your business needs. This group can act as a reliable contact between your business and your vendors. 

Lowers Costs

One of the most common benefits of managed services is the fact that it keeps costs low by eliminating the possibility of hiring and training new IT members. And because you sign a service-level agreement, that means you don’t have to worry about any service costs. 

As a business owner, you should also look into an MSP that has a strategic relationship with your cloud provider or solutions. These can work on your behalf so that you reinvest your saved money back into the business.

Receive Support

An MSP is available for your business 24/7. It’s flexible and offers weekend support and on-call options. The best MSP is one that’s part of a global company because it has the ability to cover multiple time zones at once and offer support at all times. This just ensures that you can get help whenever your business needs it.

Avoid Overpriced Downtime

As you may have noticed by now, a managed service provider comes with plenty benefits. Another one is the proactive approach to maintenance, as MSPs use remote management and monitoring to diagnose, point out, and troubleshoot problems long before they become an issue.

When considering the fact that business pay network downtime around $5,600 per minute, which is more than $300k per hour, one can see how MSP can pay for itself. 

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