Tools You Should Have To Be Efficient In Working Remotely

Several businesses are now opting to send their employees to a remote working environment. Working from home to sustain the company and make it grow presents different benefits to employers and workers. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of people contracting COVID-19, a virus that has swept the globe, which makes life outside of homes more challenging than before. 

Yes, working remotely, still, has its challenges, but such a setup can be improved by using the right tools and making the most out of them:  

Ringless Voicemail

ring voicemail

Ringless voicemail is a tool that allows individuals to send voice messages without disrupting receivers. Many people think of dropping ringless voicemail as a marketing technique. But, it’s also useful in a remote-working scenario. 

Now, some employees need the utmost concentration when doing specific tasks. Web developers, graphics designers, and other members of the workforce shouldn’t lose focus, lest they put themselves at a high risk of losing track from their respective projects.. 

If you call one of these staff members about a particular matter, the ring from their phone will disrupt their flow of thought. Furthermore, the topics you engage with your colleagues will make their minds wander to different subject matters, causing them to lose focus from their primary tasks even further. 

Eliminate or reduce this risk by making use of ringless voicemail for your team. Search for a reliable ringless voicemail service on the Internet by using appropriate keywords like, “Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail”.

With this tool, you can send voice messages to recipients without making their phones ring. The receiver of the message will have a notification on their device, saying they received a new voicemail. But, that individual can check that message at any time they please. Hence, your colleagues can retain focus, and you help maintain the productivity of every staff member in the business. 

Chat Messaging

Proper communication is vital to a remote working scenario. But, since employees are now operating in their homes, you can no longer tap someone’s shoulder to call their attention. 

Instead, you can contact the right personnel through a chat messaging app. Think of chat software as the company’s “collaboration hub”. You can talk with team members about projects, and other colleagues can catch up by reading the conversation that transpired. 

Use chat messaging software to eliminate the question, “What’s the topic of the meeting?” Furthermore, relaying chat shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time, unless you’re going to write an entire essay explaining specific subject matters. 

As part of a good remote team, maintain efficiency in doing and completing your tasks by chatting with your teammates. The receiver of the chat might not even need to read the text immediately, but they will receive a notification about the message. Nonetheless, the announcement shouldn’t disrupt the workflow of the individual. 

Some chat software may also sync with computer operating systems to provide pop-up notifications if needed. The user could set the notifications to pop up if someone tagged the individual to read crucial information. 

Video Conferences

What would be the first thing to pop into your mind when you think about remote working and meetings?  Perhaps, you’d immediately think about video conferences. 

Video meetings play a significant role in maintaining and improving efficiency in a remote working environment. Use video calls with team members if you need to discuss urgent matters. Ringless voicemail and chat can still be practical tools in sustaining productivity. But, you might need to convey crucial issues to other staff members, and you need to state your messages now.

Use appropriate video conferencing tools to help maximize productivity as you and your colleagues work remotely. You can even use video chat to communicate with clients.

Video calls allow an interpersonal approach to communication despite the long distances. Customers need to see, hear, and feel that the person on the other end of the call is a human being and not a robot dictating predetermined answers from code.

Take advantage of video conference tools to communicate with potential and existing clients, and you can expect an increase in productivity and growth for the company. 

Screen Sharing Software

What do you do if your boss requests a report?  Would you write or draw your report on a whiteboard while dictating the elements through a video call?  Perhaps, that’s one of the solutions to convey visual messages during meetings, but it’s going to be effortful and time-consuming. 

Instead, use video conference software in conjunction with screen sharing apps. By doing this, you can create your documents and reports using an appropriate program, then, share your screen for all meeting participants to see. Remember, generating reports using an app requires less effort and is less time-consuming than developing these documents by hand. 

Some video call apps will have screen-sharing features. So, be on the lookout for software with these two features, so you don’t have to switch between apps during a video meeting. 

Cloud Storage

Perhaps, the last thing you’d want is for your files and media to disappear without a trace. Computer damage and cyberattacks can delete your files without notice. It’s best to back up vital work data so you can recover essential files if they become damaged or deleted. 

Consider using cloud storage software in this regard. Search for an app that enables you to use automatic scheduled backups. Hence, you can maintain excellent work productivity and efficiency while the software backs up the data to the cloud. 

You can also use cloud storage for collaborations between colleagues. Share access to a folder if you have the resources for a particular project, or if your teammates want to download certain files. You may also introduce security functions, such as secured folders, to ensure that only authorized staff members can access your data.


Remember to use tools with essential features, like ringless voicemail, chat, video conferencing, and cloud storage, to help maintain efficiency in a remote working environment. Just because you’re working at home or other remote locations doesn’t mean you should become lazy. Use appropriate software to help reduce laziness and improve productivity while working remotely. 

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