Tips That Will Help Declutter Your Macbook

The more you use a Macbook, the messier it will get, especially if you do not have a maintenance routine. It is only a matter of time before it gets cluttered to a point where it becomes difficult to find anything without using the search function.

If you were to declutter your MacBook, it would do more than just make it easier to navigate through the computer. There will also be noticeable performance improvements. If you have been planning to do some cleaning for a while but have no idea where to start, this article should be a great reference.

Tip #1 – Clean the Desktop

Your desktop is a good place to start. It is more than likely that you have a fair share of files on it. There are even some people who have a habit of putting everything on the desktop because this way is more convenient. You can access the files with a few mouse clicks.

It does not matter if you work from home or use the laptop from work. Being organized is recommended. And not just because it feels nicer to work in an environment like this. Decluttering a desktop leads to saving a computer’s resources.

Every icon is rendered when you switch between the desktop and another window. You can imagine how many times you switch tabs. And the more icons on the desktop there are, the bigger this issue becomes. So as you can see, there are quite a few benefits to keeping the number of icons on the desktop to a minimum.

Tip #2 – Organize Files

organize files

You will have to put files somewhere else if they should not be on the desktop. In fact, even if you are not using the desktop as the primary location for your data, you should still look to organize everything in an orderly fashion.

Files should be in respective folders so that you have an easier time navigating through them. There is an option to use custom folder icons if you find visual aids of use.

There might be some files that you want to transfer to Dropbox or iCloud as well as external storage devices. Doing so would also free up disk space. Finally, there are junk files like temporary storage, caches, app extensions and plugins, old system backups, and updated files. These junk files can be removed using cleanup utility software.

If you spend a lot of time using the internet, optimizing a browser ought to be one of your priorities. Start with deleting old bookmarks because if you have bookmarked a lot of websites, it will be difficult to navigate through everything. And if you do not want to remove any bookmarks, organize them into folders just like you would do with the files on the computer.

Removing unnecessary extensions and add-ons as well as clearing cache and browsing history will also give the browser a performance boost. As does keeping the number of open browser tabs to a minimum and keeping the app up to date.

Tip #4 – Sort Your Emails


Communicating with emails can become a bother if you have to reply to a lot of messages every day. It also does not help if you are subscribed to multiple newsletters or even run more than just one email account.

When you find yourself with too many emails and cannot keep up with everything without breaking a sweat, it would be better to unsubscribe to newsletters that are no longer relevant and clean up the mailbox from the junk mail that has accumulated over the years. Moreover, if there are any email addresses that are consistently sending you spam, block them.

Tip #5 – Remove Unnecessary Applications

Applications that you no longer use are no different from some junk files that can be removed easily. It is just that any application you delete can be installed later on. And since most apps do not take that much space, it will not take too long to download them.

Once again, freeing up disk space will give you more storage to work with and may improve the overall performance of the Macbook.

Tip #6 – Reinstall the OS

To some, reinstalling the OS might seem like too much. However, if you want to remove all the junk that has accumulated over the years and give the computer a fresh start, there is no better option than reinstalling the operating system.

It is a bit complicated, and you will need to look for guides if you have not had an opportunity to reinstall it before. Backing up files is also recommended as everything gets wiped. But at the end of the day, this will declutter your Macbook better than any other method.

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