Tips On Posting Anonymous Blogs Like A Pro

Why posting anonymous blogs? It may be one reason for you and another reason for someone else to publish anonymous content online. On different social media platforms, people are making an anonymous profile to talk about anything or comment without even thinking. Similarly, when talking about writing an anonymous blog, one can understand it as hiding the real name and posting a blog online.

In the present scenario, narrative writers are seeking anonymity due to ample reasons. Though the debate is never-ending on the topic- Is it right to allow anonymity over the web? So, it’s better to avoid taking part in this debate and talk about some things related to tips for starting an anonymous blog.

Anonymity is not something that you can take advantage of by doing any wrong things with it. If someone is behind you for the things you did wrong, then you may be caught when you commit even a single mistake. In the world, you may find people who are doing wrong things using anonymity and getting caught with their silly mistakes. If you want to blog anonymously and never want anyone to catch you, then it may lack at some point when you’re not a pro in it.

Online anonymity is a great tool to either expose someone to do any other thing. Check out how anonymity is being used by people in the world:

  • To fight against the powerful ones.
  • They are exposing any crime or wrong happening.
  • Sharing adult themes
  • Others

It may be either a positive or negative thing for which people seek anonymity. But for ensuring that no one catches you, there’s a need to learn some effective tips. Continue reading the content for more information.

Check out some anonymous blogging tips.

One of the common points wherein a security failure occurs is due to the silly mistake of humans. It can be someone wrong person who used to exploit you. Or you make a mistake by believing that someone is going to harm you when it is not true in reality. When you want to go anonymous and avoid anyone catching you, there is a need to be alert in life also. When you journey to anonymous blogging begins, you need to be sure about knowing the best tips to be a pro in it. If you’re not a pro in anonymous blogging, then your identity may get revealed in either one or two days.

  • Don’t start with the famed platforms.

When starting anonymous blogging profitable niches selection is most important, you also need to pay attention to the platform you’re using to sign up or mailing purpose. If you’re coming on a famed platform, it might be possible that it can sell your data to the ones you’re hiding your identity for blogging. So, why give a clear entry to the hackers or someone to catch your identity. To publish your anonymous writing, you need to consider the platform which pays less attention to your data or so.

  • Consideration of the location

When planning to run an anonymous blog, you need to consider your location. It is a good tip to avoid writing any anonymous post from your residential location. If you can’t change your location to write, it is better to avoid using any images or post which reveals anything about your home. If you want to cover your IP address from any kind of disclosure, it is best to go far away from your location and publish the anonymous blog. For every post, change your places and check whether the place is not having any security camera. You need to be paranoid about being a pro in anonymous blogging.

Don’t miss to clear out all your drafts or notes once you publish the anonymous post. Use a strong password to safeguard your device and make sure that the information about the OS and BIOS is strictly confidential to you only. Or you can use a UNIX or Linux based OS for better safety. Also, make sure there is no storage of your content files, which can be accessed by anyone.

  • Clear all your taxes

It doesn’t mean that you may fall into any issues or no with the anonymous posts. Though, it can be wise to abide by all the legality as much as you can. When talking about any political issue such as exposing a powerful political personality or doing any other controversial topic discussion over the web, you need to follow all the legal considerations. Don’t give a single chance to anyone attacking you over any legal issue.

You might be thinking that blogging anonymously doesn’t reveal your name. But what if you made a silly mistake of using your real email address in publishing the anonymous blogs? Or any other mistake which can disclose your identity easily? If so, then you must stay clean legally to avoid any damage or penalty.

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