Three Tips to Designing the Perfect Conference Room

Modern businesses are moving away from cluttered and outdated conference rooms to meeting spaces that inspire productivity. The best conference room design should facilitate interaction between attendees, which also means that the equipment should be intuitive to use.

A well-designed meeting room will also wow your clients and help you close sales. Ergonomic and adjustable chairs will inspire comfort, while amenities like refrigerators and storage cabinets will provide relaxation. You also want a room layout that will facilitate collaboration among your employees as they discuss important matters. If you’re looking for conference room layout ideas, you can get started with the tips below:

1. Invest in Functional Furniture

Traditionally, workers sat still during brainstorming meetings and training sessions. While sitting may work for short sessions, some movement encourages the flow of ideas in longer meetings. As a result, more modern offices are investing in movable furniture that allows participants to act out ideas and move around.

You can invest in lightweight furniture that your employees can quickly reconfigure. Include height-adjustable tables for smaller groups that hold daily stand-up meetings. Movable seats will allow teams to arrange the furniture in endless combinations for a one-on-one or group discussion. When choosing conference room furniture, you can consider the checklist below:

Choose a Table Configuration

Tables are an integral part of any meeting room. While extra-long rectangular tables were a mainstay in conference rooms, modern spaces feature different table designs and configurations.

In addition to the oval table and round table, you can choose the U-shape style or V-shaped style. The classroom style is popular among companies that hold frequent brainstorming sessions as they organize rows of tables to allow attendees to face the front. You can also explore the theater style and banquet style configurations.

Include Comfortable Seating

No employee wants to sit through a breakout session in uncomfortable seating. Therefore, you should furnish your boardroom with durable and ergonomic chairs that will keep everyone productive. The perfect conference room chair has a high backrest and can be adjusted for inclination and height. Choose high-quality materials like velvet for an elegant conference room setup.

You can invest in different kinds of chairs to suit various types of meetings, including lounge sofas, leather chairs, and executive chairs. Boardroom chairs will complement meeting tables during an interactive session.

Storage Solutions

Clean and clutter-free conference room layouts will make your employees and customers feel relaxed and reduce distractions. You can use storage cabinets and shelving units to store refreshments and equipment. Additionally, you can display decorations and office items on hanging shelves and bookshelves. You can also use the area under the conference table for storage, as long as you organize the items well.

Open-plan offices need storage solutions that will keep things out of sight to create an elegant aesthetic. You can opt for solutions that use sliding panels or doors to keep all your meeting room necessities invisible.

2. Balance Natural and Artificial Lighting

You shouldn’t overlook lighting since it’s an integral part of a conference room’s design. Insufficient lighting will make people lose concentration and leave the eyes tired. In contrast, good lighting will maximize productivity.

The first step is to eliminate fluorescent lighting as much as possible in place of natural light. Sunlight will make your conference room bright and inviting and leave attendees feeling active and awake.

A conference room with large windows will be well-lit during the day. However, too much light can make it difficult for people to see their screens during virtual meetings and presentations. Therefore, you should furnish the windows with curtains and blinds for occupants to control the light intensity.

It’s advisable to invest in a control system that can adjust the lighting to suit the scenario. For instance, spotlights can illuminate the facilitator during a workshop and dim other lights to keep everyone focused on the presenter.

You should also consider using LED lights in your conference room as they consume less energy than fluorescent bulbs. Additionally, LED solutions render realistic colors and create a modern feel.

3. Invest in Modern Video and Audio Equipment

It can be interesting to invest in quality video and audio equipment in your conference room layout. An easy-to-operate and up-to-date setup will ensure that poor reception won’t interrupt video conferencing streams. Additionally, you need powerful equipment that can handle the needs of a fully packed conference room.

Robust video conferencing solutions will provide a smooth experience to employees on a conference call. To make things easier, you can buy a video conferencing kit from an approved reseller to ensure that elements like the camera, speakers, and Best 3.5mm Microphone work seamlessly.

If you want to design a modern conference room, you should leverage wireless presentation solutions. As soon as your team enters the meeting room, they should be able to connect wirelessly via a tablet or laptop. It will be easy to pull up presentations on the screen and get to the day’s agenda.

An interactive whiteboard is an excellent solution for hashing out strategies and charting ideas. Include a high-quality display screen as well to captivate your audience. You can also utilize a digital bulletin board to keep employees and visitors informed and entertained. Keep in mind that your team should be able to use the conferencing room technology.

In Conclusion

Face-to-face meetings are still invaluable in the digital era, and meeting rooms are the best areas to interact and collaborate. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in modern conferencing rooms to boost productivity and impress your clients. Using comfortable furniture, letting in natural light, and investing in modern technology are ways to design a modern conference room.

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