SEO Updates in 2022: What to Expect

SEO experts believe that Google changes its algorithm between 500 and 600 times a year. Most of these SEO updates are small, but there are a few major core updates.

It’s hard to stay up to date with all of the SEO trends and updates and rank at the top of search results.

If you’re looking to maximize your results, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn what to expect from SEO in 2022.

1. Page Experience Is Primary

Google makes it its mission for people to find information on anything they want fast. The search engine can deliver thousands of results in an instant.

When someone clicks on a result, they expect the same speed. Your website is an extension of the Google experience.

If your site isn’t up to par, your page won’t rank. The Page Experience Update released in 2021 evaluates several performance metrics, such as speed, security, and responsiveness.

2. Search Intent and Content

Search is so much more than matching SEO keywords with your content. You have to think of the context of how those keywords get used.

This is where your understanding of the buyer’s journey matters. Not only do you have to align your SEO content with specific keywords, but you also have to position content within each step of the buyer’s journey.

At the top of the funnel, you have people looking for general information. The bottom of the funnel features ready-to-buy signals, such as “service providers near me” or “store that sells product XYZ.”

3. E-A-T for Better Results

Fortunately, you don’t have to eat your SEO content. You do have to use expertise, authority, and trust. These are factors that determine the quality of a website.

This matters for most websites, but even more so for sites that relate to health, finances, happiness, or general safety and wellbeing.

Trustworthy sites have contact information, factual information, and trustworthy external references. This SEO company says that trust signals account for 21% of your ranking.

You can demonstrate expertise by being qualified to talk about a specific topic. A certified fitness instructor should talk about fitness routines. They should leave finances to the financial experts.

4. Artificial Intelligence Gets a Starring Role

Google invested heavily in artificial intelligence to improve its products. Search is no exception. Look for artificial intelligence and machine learning to take center stage in search results.

The biggest difference it makes is that machine learning is used to understand the context of a page. It’s not about titles and descriptions anymore.

There are subtopics that relate to search queries that Google displays. This gives users a broader range of results.

5. Video Content Boosts Results

Video content is a must in 2022. Not only does it help your reach, but it also helps your search results. Artificial intelligence is used to deliver video search results, too.

For instance, if you’re looking for a recipe, Google will give you results and a timestamp that has the most important information about the recipe.

Keep Track of SEO Updates

These SEO trends show that there’s a lot to consider to rank your site in 2022. Google’s SEO updates show that if you focus on the best user experience, you’ll rank higher in search results.

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