How to Put Your Phone Down When on Vacation

A quick scroll on social media can turn into an hour of being glued to the screen. While this doesn’t cause much damage when at home in the evening, while on vacation, it could end up eating into your precious time away. You don’t want to look back on your vacation memories and realize you spent half the time looking at other people’s summer vacations on Instagram! If you usually spend half your time tweeting or laughing at TikToks, here’s how to put the phone down when on vacation.

Get All the Planning Out of the Way

The first step to avoiding your phone is to do all the planning before setting off. That way, you won’t show up at your hotel and realize you need to browse your phone for ideal eating locations or daytime activities. Book your airport parking with, plan the activities you want to do in advance, and do as much research on the location as you can before boarding.

Let Your Friends Know You’ll Be Away

If your phone has a constant stream of messages from friends, let them know that you’re going away and you don’t want to be bothered during that time. The odd message now and again is fine, but it’s OK to tell them that you don’t want to hear about what they had for breakfast when you’re soaking up some European culture. You’ll have loads to tell them when you get home, anyway!

Ask Locals for Recommendations

Instead of using your phone non-stop for restaurant and activity ideas, why not ask the people who actually know best? The internet might be full of information, but a lot of that info doesn’t come from the best sources, so trust the locals instead. They are sure to point you in some interesting directions!

Take a Non-Smartphone with You

If you really want to avoid scrolling through the phone while at the beach or wandering a museum, take a phone that’s not a smartphone with you. That way, you can contact people in emergencies, but you don’t have the same access to the online world (or games) as you usually would. It is far less tempting!

Delete Your Social Media Apps

Deleting your social media profiles is probably a step too far, especially if you only want to put the phone down while on vacation. Instead, delete the apps so that you’re not tempted to scroll through the entire day. If you have to go to the app store to download them again, you’ll probably think twice about whether you actually need to see people’s latest Instagram posts.

Live in the Moment

The best way to live while on vacation is in the moment. Soak up the views, dine in local restaurants, meet new people, and live like the locals for a little while. When you’re having so much fun, why would you be tempted by your smartphone?

In this day and age, it can be challenging to put the phone down. It’s essential to do so, though, especially during a relaxing time away.

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