How to make your personality noticed online in 2021-2022

Online personality is sometimes even more important than the real one in the world, where people spend eight hours a day on digital activities. Therefore, personal branding is so popular nowadays.

Promoting yourself and your career as a brand allows building more trustful relations with customers and growing brand authority. When done correctly, a solid personal brand opens up new opportunities. As people want to hear and buy from people.

However, it is critical to craft your online personality and promote it strategically. This article deals with the importance and process of personal brand crafting and necessary steps towards making your online character noticeable online with such minor things as an email signature generator.


Continue reading to get some practical advice even if you haven’t considered building a personal brand before.

Create your personal brand

Since your personal brand reflects your personality, skills, and qualities you bring to the table, it helps build qualitatively different customer relations. Furthermore, for freelance employees, a personal brand is a guarantee of a successful business.

CareerBuilder survey conducted in 2018, 70% of employers screen candidates by checking their social media, and 43% use it to check on current workers. With all this in mind, let’s think about what steps you should take to build your personal brand appropriately:

  1. Figure out who you are, and tasks do you want to accomplish
  2. Determine your unique value and expertise
  3. Define your audience
  4. Think of your brand voice
  5. Optimize your website and social media accounts
  6. Work on your marketing strategy.

While building a personal brand is a great pile of work, the payoff appears to be enormous as well, whether you want to generate business leads, increase sales, or find a job.

Use a personal email signature

Your online presence is not limited to your social media profiles or a website. Email marketing is an efficient way to increase your visibility online. While 79% of Facebook users check Facebook once a day, 99% of email users check their email daily, some as much as 20 times a day.

email signature

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Companies all over the world build attractive and sophisticated email templates following their corporate brand books. In the case of a personal brand, your email signature is what reflects your unique brand image.

A personal brand is something you should always care about as you never know when it will play a critical role. Find inspiration in the best email signature examples and see the practical value of including links to the TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn professional profiles to support authority.

Create your email newsletter

An email newsletter is an efficient way to keep in touch with your clients, customers, or network. Furthermore, it is an elegant way to remind them about yourself, your product, or your service.

Besides, sending a regular email newsletter can help to achieve some other objectives:

  • promote your products or expert services
  • give updates concerning your personal brand news
  • highlight your best content
  • build loyalty via consistent engagement
  • grow authority as an influencer.

On the contrary to a common belief that a newsletter requires profound technical skills and deep research as a content background, anyone can send a newsletter for the benefit of a personal brand. So now, when you know that, you need to start sending them right now.

Be present in popular social media

If you are a brand today, there is no chance you don`t use social media to grow your popularity. If you want to impact nowadays, your first most important task is to build yourself a visible online presence in relevant social media.

However, having a thriving social media presence is not as simple as it seems. To build a solid reputation and boost your social media visibility, consider applying the following options:

  1. Complete your social accounts with relevant information
  2. Set SMART goals
  3. Limit the number of network to the most relevant
  4. Concentrate on the audience, not followers
  5. Post for shareability
  6. Be active.

Remember, it is always better to have one vibrant profile than to have 3 less efficient ones. Furthermore, limit yourself to the number of profiles you can manage effectively.

Attend webinars

A webinar is a form of the online seminar that attractss different people sharing the same interests. Attending such events is very close to virtual networking, as there is always a chance to make profitable acquaintances.

online meeting

As 2020 has brought some changes into the schedule of live events, there appeared an opportunity to visit numerous webinars and promote your brand there, even without taking off your pajamas.

Attendance and active participation in such events help build your credibility as an expert and grow your professional network and email list.

Run your own webinars

Since a personal brand is often about standing out from the crowd in a competition, participation in the webinar can help to get even more noticeable these days. The webinars actually work, and there are many reasons to use them to boost your online presence:

  • Public speaking

Public speaking at webinars helps to amplify the audience and build credibility as a leader or expert.

  • Visual content

Webinars allow capitalizing the power of visual storytelling, which the human brain perceives far more effectively than plain text.

  • Live interaction with an audience

Webinars are interactive by default. Therefore, live engagement via questions, quizzes, and advice get possible.

Mention influencers in your posts online

Industry influencers are the people who can help with boosting your online presence. The essence of this statement is simple. Influencers have numerous active followers while getting by these followers is your crucial task.

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However, sometimes to get noticed, you have to make someone noticeable in advance. Building relationships with influencers and mentioning them in your posts can open new opportunities for you. If your post goes viral enough, they might reply, making you even more popular.


Marketing is evolving rapidly as the consumers get more discerning and the markets get more competitive. Building a personal brand requires a great deal of effort. However, the successful building of the online presence requires even more.

A solid online presence allows you to be discovered by people worldwide to be noticed and recognized as a professional. Furthermore, nowadays, the quality of online presence even impacts the lives of ordinary job seekers.

Therefore, leaving your personal brand online presence on its own is not an option in the world where virtual personality is far more important than a real one.

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