How to Improve Your UX Website Design Successfully

In the world of digital business, there’s one aspect that is the cornerstone for success: the company website. Whether this is your main portal for sales or simply the foundation for your SEO efforts, a website is essential for visibility, shifting products out the door, and ultimately boosting your profit margins.

Due to how essential a website is, this isn’t an area you can take lightly. High-quality site design requires an ample injection of time and resources. If the design is lacking and difficult for users to navigate, this will be detrimental in retaining potential customers – and that will bludgeon your sales numbers.

Do you feel your UX website design is inferior when matched against the competition? If so, here are a few pointers on how to successfully improve the design.

Conduct user research

Before you make any changes to the website UX, it’s important you reach out to those who matter: your audience. By speaking to people that will be using your site, you can gain the responses required to produce a truly useful, relevant, and successful product.

For this step to be effective, you have to take the right approach to user research recruitment. You have to get the right people – aka potential customers – to agree to answer your questions. Furthermore, you need to ask the right things, so you know exactly what has to be improved for your UX design.

Produce engaging content

A slick, responsive design is a massive help. Yet, to ensure visitors stick around and turn into customers, engaging content is required. In this day and age, visitors want more than simply a place to make a purchase. They crave an experience, a connection with your brand, a reason to select your business rather than all the others on the internet.

Engaging content can come in many different forms. It can be a creative product description, an informative blog post, or a funny vlog. The more content you produce, the better your brand identity and this familiarity boosts trust – the type that leads to sales.

Don’t be an annoyance

All too many website owners opt to annoy their visitors – whether voluntary or not. This can be with pesky autoplay videos, for instance, or adverts placed in obtrusive places that disrupt the flow of the site. It should go without saying but do everything you can to avoid being an annoyance.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should eliminate ads or videos from your site entirely. Users won’t expect that. In fact, they can appreciate these elements in certain situations. Yet it’s important they are implemented seamlessly with the design. If elements stick out like a sore thumb, users are unlikely to feel welcome or inclined to stick around.

Speed up

A fast website is a necessity. If it takes ages to load, most people will give up trying to access your site. If it takes longer than five seconds, most will give up and search for an alternative. Consequently, you have to optimize performance and ensure nothing is slowing down your site.

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