How To Hack An iPhone in 2022(Easiest Hacks Ever!)

An iPhone can be one of the toughest devices to crack. A cheating spouse or a blackmailing partner can force you to spy on their iOS device. To confirm your suspicions, you will have to hack into their device!

But how do you do it? Hacking can be a tedious task with jailbreaking and learning the device’s various features, but not anymore! I have the ideal solution for you that will help you for years to come.

But before we help you hack into the iPhone of your choice, let us understand what iPhone hacking is. Minspy helps you hack an iOS device without any hassles.

Is It Really Possible To Hack An iPhone?

An iPhone is supposed to be impossible to hack because of its secured wall garden. The secured wall garden does not allow entry or exit of unpermitted data. With such strong protection, it must be reasonable to expect an elaborate hacking system.

Not true! iPhone hacking can be very easy. You can hack into an iPhone from the comfort of your homes! You will not require any pro- hacker skills for this. Only the will to hack is enough, and I will show you how.

In this article, I will tell you the easiest way to hack into an iPhone. You will require no prerequisite programming or coding knowledge. This is a sure shot method to hack, which does not question your reasons!

1.1 Minspy – The miracle app!


The market has a lot of hacking apps or technologies that fail to deliver but charge a lot. Well, not anymore. Minspy is the solution to all your problems. This tool is being used by a lot of people around the globe.

With Minspy, you can hack into any iPhone and can get data from any part of the world. It works using next-generation technology! A lot of tech reviewers such as CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. think the same.

Minspy has been designed immaculately to make hacking really convenient for you. It works better than any other iPhone hacking app or software on the market. I tried the app and I loved every bit of it.

1.2 Why do I need Minspy?

Hacking has never been as easy as it is with Minspy. Minspy has over 35 features! Here are some features which make it the easiest way to hack into an iPhone.

No jailbreaking 

Minspy does not require jailbreaking into an iPhone. Jailbreaking can have many negative consequences. Moreover, jailbreak can hamper the security of the device majorly and that is a significant concern. 

Minspy is number one because it can access the required data without having to jailbreak into a phone. It is extremely safe and efficient.

Uses 100% stealth hacking 

With Minspy, you do not require access to the phone for hacking into it. The owner of the phone will not have a hint about any access that you get to his media. Minspy operates in a completely discreet manner. 

The technology is entirely cloud-based, and all you need are iCloud credentials to access the files on the phone. Minspy is one of the only Apps offering this technology. 

Access to files at any time 

You can access any data, pictures, or other media that have been shared through the iPhone. Minspy also allows you to view the file manager through the Minspy App. With Minspy, you can access texts and social media accounts of the iPhone user. 

All of these features can be easily accessed via the web-based platform. You will find everything on the dashboard.

GPS tracking

With this, you can track the iPhone user’s location. The Minspy dashboard will display the location of the iPhone at all times. You can also set up geofencing using Minspy and it is a top-notch feature.


Social Media Activity Tracker

With Minspy, you can easily check out what the person is doing on social media applications. You will be able to track the activity on apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. In fact, you will also have access to multimedia files.

Security of Data

Hacking into an iPhone belonging to your wife or child can be very personal. You wouldn’t want that information to leak. Therefore, no data is saved and only you will have access to the information.

1.3 Steps to set up Minspy for iOS

Setting up Minspy is extremely easy and quick. It takes not more than ten minutes and will give you access to whatever you want. 

Step 1: First, you have to create an account with Minspy. Create the account using the sign up free option on the website and then purchase a monthly subscription. 

Step 2: You will get the instructions on your screen to set up Minspy. In fact, you won’t even have to install anything on the target device. You will just need the iOS credentials of the user and you will be good to go!

Step 3: Select the iOS device you will monitor through iCloud from the list on your screen. Once you click on ‘Start’, all the data will be synced with the safe servers of Minspy.

Step 4: Your hacking tool is all set up! You can access all the features at any time using the web-based platform. The dashboard of Minspy makes it really convenient to hack the iPhone from anywhere. 

Wrapping up 

Minspy is the secret way of hacking that can be the solution to many of your problems. With Minspy, You can keep tabs on your children. You can even look into a cheating partner, or track your old parents’ location to ensure their safety!

It works remotely and lets you access any data you need. Cracking an iPhone has never been this easy. This method works very well.

Looking for a highly reliable and discreet phone hacking tool? Minspy is here to help you out! Believe me, you will not look for another tool when you have this app. So, start keeping a check on your loved ones with Minspy.

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