How to Advertise On Tik Tok In 2022

TikTok has become the order of the day, and most people have shifted their attention from other social media platforms to TikTok. According to recent statistics, 90% of TikTok users visit the app daily. The same study also indicates that the minimum time spent by its lovers is 52 minutes a day. As of 2021, TikTok recorded over 1 billion active members per month, making it the most popular domain, followed by Google and Facebook. With such traffic, don’t you think it’s the best place to advertise your products or services? Whether you have signed up or not, don’t worry, I will show you how to make your business grow using TikTok.

Create a TikTok Ads Account

Content creation on TikTok can only be done after creating or signing up an account with them. Although most people are already using it, I will guide those who have not signed up on how to go about it: it’s quick and straightforward. All you need is to visit TikTok for business home page and click on “Create Now.” Upon clicking the button, you will be redirected to a new tab that requires you to enter your details. Notably, will only be needed to enter your email address, a memorable password, phone number, and verification code, and you will be good to go. Submit the details for verification, and if the TikTok representative finds them relevant, your account will be approved promptly.

Creating an Ad Campaign

Once your account has been approved and you are in, your journey for reaching out to a larger market is about to commence. Proceed by clicking on “Campaign” followed by the “Create button.” Once you are in, you will realize it they have organized advertising in three categories: Campaign, Ad Groups, and Ads. Since you might not be familiar with the terms, Campaign stands for overall activities, while Ads and ad groups are components of a campaign. Depending on your ad’s goal, you can choose either of the three advertising objectives: conversations, traffic, and application installment. Depending on your budget, you can go for one that suits you between “Total Budget” and “Daily Budget.” Notably total budget might be a bit cheaper.

Set Up The Ad Group

Next, create an ad group under Campaign after targeting, and placement has been decided upon. Notably, you can develop various ad groups aiming at multiple audiences. Considering to advertise on TikTok gives you an upper hand in reaching a larger audience beyond its users. Your business will be able to be advertised in other family-related applications such as Buzz Video (Japan), Babe (Indonesia), Vigo Video (India only), TopBuzz (US and BR), and News Republic (worldwide). The sites allow you to limit your ads within TikTok or to all networks, depending on your preference. The good thing with TikTok, it helps you calculate the exact position where you can obtain results using your ads and places you there.

After going for the most preferred placement, enter the required information to proceed. You will need to enter your ad, display name, adding URLs, categories, and images. Most importantly, you will need a keyword that permits you to choose over 20 terms to define your application or website. As a result, your products will be displayed to the correct audience. This calls for making careful choices that will help your business grow rapidly. To help you narrow down to a certain audience, select “Target,” which will help you narrow down to a certain age, location, language, gender, and device.

However, if you wish to launch an ad for specific people, simply develop a custom audience using an existing user ID, which will help you run a marketing campaign, among other activities. Ensure you upload a list of IDs to a TXT, CSV, or ZIP file. In addition, for you to run marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness, you will need TikTok pixel.

Set Campaign Details

Setting campaign details will help you schedule and budget appropriately depending on the budget you would wish to go for. Although going for a certain duration might be a bit cheaper by the end of your targeted Campaign, it might be inconvenient for those who don’t have the money. If you cant reach a specific target, you can go for daily subscriptions. Depending on the schedule that is convenient to you, select the specific times you wish your ad to go live under “Dayparting.” This will help you choose specific times, days, weeks, or months that you feel your targeted audience will access the information.

Design Your Ad

Using TikTok is always fascinating compared to most platforms due to its fascinating features. TikTok ads entail videos and images in vertical, horizontal, and square formats. In addition, to make advertising fascinating, TikTok has a Video Creation Kit tool that consists of images and video templates, which can be customized using your images. TikTok also gives you an option to select over 300 free background music to make your advertising more appealing.

Consequently, you can also use 5 videos, 10 images, and 5 content creations under one action. Without struggling, the site will help you compile all three and develop multiple ads. After that, you will be needed to go through the multiple options suggested and select the most effective combination. Besides, you can use Landing Page to Video tool to come up with high-quality images given to it from any URL, which will be combined automatically with music to come up with video ads to working with creators or TikTok marketing agencies to develop creative content that helps to drive sales or app installs. It could be an alternative option to designing the ad using TikTok’s features?  In addition, you can use the same idea for tiktok ad content creation, which could be turned into images and created in video ads.

Following the above procedure will help you advertise your business on TikTok. It is important for you to take advantage of the unique features that TikTok has to make your advertising look outstanding. In addition, it is also important for you to feature in current trends to attract a wider audience. When focusing on a certain audience, ensure you are going for an appropriate audience to help you meet your expectation. Going for the wrong audience might make your TikTok advertising go futile. However, if you think of advertising anything, TikTok is the best place since it has the needed traffic. All you need is to strategize well and monitor your progress.

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