Hot Picks: TOP 5 Tudor Watches That You Should Buy Now

When Han Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, founded its sister company Montres TUDOR SA (or simply known as Tudor) in 1946, he aimed to create a different kind of luxury watch brand. He envisioned a watch brand that retains the elegance and luxury associated with Rolex but being more affordable at the same time.

Over time, Tudor was able to get out of its big brother’s shadow and was able to create unique, high-quality luxury watches at a lower price. 

Because it was able to create well-calibrated and top-notch tool watches, the Tudor brand became associated with professional divers and the military, especially the US Navy Seals and the French Navy.

Therefore, Tudor is a luxury watch brand worth considering if you are searching for a luxury watch brand that combines style with practicality. This article will list some of the best Tudor watches that you should look out for. 

The Tudor watch brand has produced many successful luxury watch brands in the 50s and 60s as well as in more recent times. One of their most successful models is the Black Bay Bronze, one of the models of the popular Black Bay line by Tudor. Tudor’s Black Bay line of watches is a set of dive watches that showcase the best of Tudor’s craftsmanship, and this is best demonstrated by Black Bay Bronze’s design.

Made with anti-corrosive metal, the latest edition of this model has a bronze that is well-matched with a slate-gray dial, which is different from the previous edition that featured a more black color but retained many of the last edition’s appeal.

With a case diameter of about 43 millimeters and a water resistance of up to 200 meters, the Black Bay Bronze is a great luxury watch for swimmers and divers. It also showcases a rotating bezel that rotates in a single direction, luminescent indexes, Tudor’s signature snowflake-shaped clock hands that are driven by its in-house manufacture caliber MT5601 automatic movement, a diving watch case that is not only beautiful but also durable. This is a Tudor watch that is timeless yet so modern. 

  • Tudor Pelagos

Tudor has a great reputation among divers for a good reason. For one, the Black Bay line shows luxury watch models that are sleek, stylish, and water-resistant at the same time. But Tudor’s Pelagos model takes the brand’s reputation for creating quintessential diving watches a few steps further.

Tudor’s Pelagos model is made from titanium, with a case diameter of 42 millimeters, and water resistance of up to 500 meters. While it is made to be a functional model for divers and adventure seekers, its elegant style made the Pelagos a popular item sought by watch collectors.

A certain version of the Pelagos called the Tudor Pelagos LHD, is a popular collector’s item because of its titanium and steel watch case, a ceramic black disc set on the watch’s bezel, and a crown that is located on the other side. This watch model was said to be created for left-handed people, but several right-handed watch users have also sought out this model as a collector’s item. 

  • Submariner

Some watch users and collectors may not know this, but Tudor released its version of Rolex’s Submariner. While Tudor has no longer released a more updated version of their take on one of Rolex’s most popular watch models, Tudor’s Submariner has proven to be a classic, and you can find many of these on the pre-owned watches market.

Unfortunately, because many of the Tudor Submariners sold on the market have been used for some time, do not expect them to hold the same as they did when they were first manufactured and released.

Nonetheless, the Tudor Submariner is a great watch model for those who want to collect some of the best vintage luxury watches produced by many of the world’s renowned luxury watch brands, including Tudor and even Rolex.

  • Tudor Heritage Advisor

Among all the Tudor watches mentioned on this list, one of the most interesting is the Tudor Heritage Advisor. This watch model is both unique and interesting for a variety of reasons. Aside from being one of, if not Tudor’s most expensive timepieces, the Tudor Heritage Advisor also has an interesting design and a very interesting function.

It is among the few luxury watches in the market where you could set an alarm on it. This is the reason why the Heritage Advisor has a complex dial and two crowns, which helps the watch with this function. 

Because of its design, function, water-resistance of up to 100 meters, and a self-winding mechanical movement caliber 2892 with an additional alarm function mechanism that was created exclusively by Tudor, the Heritage Advisor model has helped Tudor stand out from the rest of the biggest luxury watch brands in the world, including Rolex. 

  • Tudor Clair de Rose

This is another sleek and outstanding luxury watch produced by Tudor, but this time, it’s for the ladies. First introduced in Baselworld in 2017, the Tudor Clair de Rose is a luxury watch aimed at women based on its design. This model is available in various case diameters but it is waterproof for up to 100 meters, and it is available in steel only. 

While this model is available in opaline and the dial could come with or without diamonds in it, the Tudor Clair de Rose is available in either bracelet or strap, as it comes with steel attachments and a black leather strap along with a smooth steel bezel, sapphire crystals, and a power reserve that lasts up to 38 hours.

Because of these specifications, the Clair de Rose is perfect for any woman who wants to get a sophisticated watch that is both functional and elegant. 

Bottom Line

Since it was founded, Tudor has come a long way and it surely has come out of Rolex’s shadow as a manufacturer of luxury timepieces. Tudor has not only produced luxury watches that are elegant, functional, and sophisticated, but it has also proven that these accessories could be purchased at a more affordable price.

There are several more models from Tudor that you should look out for when you are considering getting a luxury brand for any reason, but the models listed in this article have shown the best of Tudor’s craftsmanship and innovation, which is the main reason why they are worth everyone’s attention.

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