Five Social Media Advertising Tips for Your Small Business

It’s time to become a media darling. A social media darling, that is.

72% of Americans use social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter let you reach out to millions of people without paying a dime.

Yet social media advertising isn’t easy. If you want to run a truly effective marketing campaign, you need to study some advertising tips.

What voice should you adopt in your ads? Can your ads be funny? How can you reach out to customers near you?

Answer these questions and you can create popular social media ads in no time. Here are five advertising tips you should follow.

  1. Don’t Be Too Formal

People go on social media to chat with friends and share memes. Your social media advertising should reflect the informal atmosphere of your platform.

Your business advertising can be funny or upbeat. You should use bright colors to encourage cheerfulness and energy.

You don’t have to share jokes or memes if you don’t want to. But feel free to show a little bit of your personality. You can write a post about your hobby or passion project.

  1. Fit Your Brand

You don’t have to “be hip.” Using abbreviations like LOL can make you seem pandering and awkward. Use words and sentences that you would use while talking to friends.

Marketing your brand on Instagram can be tricky because it is a visual-heavy platform. You should hire a photographer to take photos of your products and locations. Try to include your company logo in each photo so you encourage brand awareness.

  1. Connect With People in Your Neighborhood

You don’t have to run nationwide business advertising. You can focus on people near you by using hashtags with your hometown’s name. You can also feature nearby locations or local celebrities in your advertisements.

  1. Reply to Your Followers

Many people like to send companies private messages to complain about something. They may also type in comments with questions or concerns.

You should reply to as many comments as possible. Even a one-sentence answer will make your customers feel like you are respecting them. Incorporate any constructive critiques into your social media strategy.

  1. Look at Your Analytics

Each social media platform has an analytics function that lets you track user engagement. You can see how many views you get and how many people share your content.

Make sure you check your analytics at least once a week. If a particular ad does well, you should incorporate its features into other ads.

Study the Best Advertising Tips

Before you draft a social media plan, take a look at some advertising tips. You don’t want to be too formal on social media. Yet you shouldn’t compromise your brand with attempts at being funny.

You can run videos and write posts to promote your products. If you want to form ties in your neighborhood, you should place local celebrities in your ads.

Reply to your customers’ comments. Take a look at your analytics and adjust your marketing efforts based on your numbers.

Social media changes quickly. Read about the latest social media marketing trends by following our coverage.

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