Buying Guide: 5 Things You Should Know About Luxury Watches

Luxury watch brands are the most sought-after accessory followed by pieces of jewelry. The majority of people in the working class include it in their wish list. Do you also dream of entering the wonderful world of luxury timepieces? For sure, you have thoughts of buying one because of its functionality and design. But luxury watches are more than that. Behind those designs are years of innovation and precise engineering. These brands became part of the cream of the crop because they worked hard and smart. 

Before you embark on your watch collection journey, you must first know the basics about luxury watches. Not all of them have the same style, complications, and movements. Perhaps, you are not yet familiar with what all of these are and what makes them an integral part of a wristwatch. In this guide, you will discover more about the top luxury watches and their components.

Watches are not just typical accessories. You might use it because of its high functionality and comfortability, stylish aesthetics, and high level of craftsmanship. As such, it is no wonder why brands like Rolex, Tissot, and Patek Philippe gained increasing popularity. All of them exhibited the characteristics that even ordinary people look for in a luxury watch brand.

Numerous luxury brands in the market can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a possibility that you miss out on knowing the top brands mentioned above. If you don’t have much time researching, below is brief information about them.


In the watch industry, Rolex is the most popular. Even ordinary people can recognize it when they see one. It is the most popular brand having an investment value. It means that when you want to sell it on the secondary market, people are willing to buy it for a much higher amount than the original selling price. In this way, you can get your money back while enjoying a profit. You can also wear it proudly anywhere because it has an underlying status symbol. People will consider you successful in your field if they see you wear a wristwatch from this brand. 


Timepieces offered by Tissot are relatively cheaper than other luxury brands. Most watch enthusiasts recommend newbies to begin their watch collection journey from this brand. It has wristwatches that can’t break the bank. With the efforts of the company to make their products reach a wider audience, they decided to offer premium quality watches at affordable prices. If you are buying your first luxury watch, chances are you are not yet ready to spend a large sum of money. So you might want to settle with models offered by this brand. Despite its affordable price, the company can guarantee you that they have high reliability, accuracy, and durability.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has promising craftsmanship that not all luxury brands can offer. It took the company months to manufacture products because it does not take any shortcuts. It makes all of its timepieces in-house. The company is less likely to use machinery in finishing the product. So if you have a high appreciation for creativity and artistry, you might want to consider watches from this brand. You might not know it now but you will probably fall in love with the design of its hand-finished movements. It is simple yet the excessive detail screams elegance.

  • Watch movements to consider

A  watch movement is the life of a timepiece. Without it, the watch can’t serve its purpose of telling the time of the day. It is an internal mechanism that has the power to move the hands, chronograph, and calendar of a wristwatch. Through centuries of innovation, watch manufacturers were able to use two types of watch movements. These are quartz and mechanical. Watches with quartz movement use batteries as their source of energy. Despite requiring minimal maintenance, it is not the top choice of watch collectors. 

Watch collectors would still settle with the oldest type of movement which is mechanical. It has a high level of quality and craftsmanship that quartz has difficulty imitating.  Wearers of watches with this movement must turn the crown multiple times. In this way, winding the mainspring and storing potential energy become possible. 

  • Interesting watch complications

A watch complication refers to the additional feature that manufacturers place on the watch, aside from telling time. Nowadays, some luxury watches can tell the day of the week. Some serve as chronographs that can measure the intervals of time in seconds, minutes, or hours. If you love to observe the moon, you will probably want to have the moon phase as one of your watch complications. It can tell you the current phase of the moon. While some watches can tell the time in 24 different time zones. Aside from the mentioned watch complications, there is still a lot to choose from in the market.  

  • Watch styles available today

You must buy a luxury watch that can match your style. It will allow you to use the full potential of the timepiece. For instance, you might want to consider a watch style suitable to use when attending formal or business gatherings. Aside from this, there is also a diving watch style that can withstand the effects of water and corrosion. It is the best accessory to use when you want to know how long you can stay underwater.

  • Taking care of luxury watches

Since luxury watches are big purchases, you must know how to take care of them to increase the chances of transferring them from one generation to the next. Besides cleaning it daily, you must also bring it to a professional watchmaker every four years. He can determine if there are adjustments to make. 

In Conclusion

Knowing the different components of a Luxury watch brand might give you a sense of pride. You can now explain to other people why you adore wristwatches from top watchmakers. Besides that, it would be a great help in identifying what type of movement, style, and complication you would want a wristwatch to have.

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