B2B Marketing Strategies Used In 2020

Business-to-business or B2B marketing pertains to promoting products and services to other organizations or businesses. It is more straightforward and informational than business-to-customer or B2C marketing wherein business purchase decisions are based on bottom-line ROI impact.

Undoubtedly, B2B marketing is for a company that sells to other businesses, such as security solutions, software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions, and accessories, tools, and office supplies. But, what are the effective B2B marketing strategies used this year?

In this post, you’ll learn the best B2B marketing strategies used in 2020 to help you create and implement yours.

Revamp Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is now considered one of the most popular and widely used B2B marketing strategies that can provide companies a high ROI. It serves as an essential part of nurturing leads, which enables companies to provide relevant information during the customer’s journey, building trust and increasing the likelihood of converting them. After signing up for B2B services, keep your customers engaged through email marketing and exceptionally increase the lifetime value you provide to your clients.

Email is now considered the most preferred business communication method for many business decision-makers, and, this year, it promises better opportunities for growth.

Check out these smart ways to re-energize your email marketing for your next B2B strategy:

  • Go For More Than One Email: Remember that B2B purchases usually require a bigger investment as compared to B2C. That’s why expecting other companies to avail of your products and services upon sending your first email is unreasonable. Your prospects should be exposed to your emails more than once to be able to make a sound purchasing decision. Your next B2B campaign should contain multiple emails, spread intelligently over the course of time.
  • Determine The Best Email Type: Right timing and email content are crucial to the success of your B2B campaign using email marketing. For instance, you can send a welcome email to those who recently joined your email list. Including a welcome message in your next email marketing strategy is vital to fuel the interest of new leads in your brand.
  • Educate Than Sell: Creating and incorporating educational content into your email is better than pushing a direct offer. The selling part can be done by directing existing and prospective customers to your website. In your email, educate them about your product or the solution it provides to their problems.

Invest In B2B Social Media Marketing

Millions of people are on social media, which can greatly benefit your business. Because of the recent health crisis, COVID19 pandemic, B2B companies can use social media marketing to find new clients who have already embraced social media marketing to deliver their message to their customers.

Social media marketing benefits B2B and B2C companies, building better brand recognition and solidifying niche authority. So, it’s essential to fully understand how B2B companies should implement effective social media strategies to achieve their goals.

Here are some useful social media marketing tips for B2B companies:

  • Make sure that you have clearly defined objectives. Do you prefer generating better-targeted leads?  Or, maybe, you would like to build your brand or improve your customer service via social media?
  • Identify and cater to your targeted audience so that you’re sure that sharing information with businesses aligns with your products and area of expertise.
  • Choose the best social media platform for your next campaign to reach your prospects. LinkedIn is the preferred social media channel for B2B companies, so you might want to publish content on this platform.

Inbound Marketing For B2B

Don’t underestimate the power of inbound marketing strategies. These can generate high-quality inbound leads that would lead to successful B2B marketing, accelerating your sales cycle. Every inbound marketing strategy should start with understanding your target audience and your ideal client profile by making a list of your current client base, enriching their data, and mapping their buyer journey. Also, it helps to interview your best clients to gain insights about their needs, specific use, and experience with your products and services.

These are some of the inbound marketing tactics that B2B companies can take advantage of this year:

  • Restructure Your Website Elements: Creating a unique value proposition is crucial, which helps differentiate your products and services. Know the people who are engaging with your content by creating an updated database and, then, restructure your website content by adding calls to action, events, and website-gated content to passively capture emails.
  • Create Epic Content: Content creation is easier and relatively cheaper to produce than ever. Use Ahrefs or BuzzSumo to find relevant topics with high Google search volume and social media mentions.
  • Reference To Your Existing Clients: Focus on thought leadership or philosophy on which your company stands and storytelling about your clients’ success, placing them on your website’s Hero’s Journey. Build up your existing clients as your main subject matter experts in their respective fields by establishing their credentials, philosophy, backstory, and challenges, and telling your audience how they have discovered your products and services.
  • Leverage Content To Build Partnerships: Once you’ve committed to a content-driven inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to play the long game right. Because content marketing pays back exponentially over time, you should be committed to it consistently. You can publish three articles per week, which would include posts featuring a client or an ally in your industry to set your B2B company up for success because of goodwill relationships built over time.

Supporting Equity For Remote Work

Through email personalization, artificial intelligence, and dynamic content, your email marketing becomes more useful and stronger than ever before. By investing in these technologies, you can take email personalization to a higher level and find out if the recipient opened your email.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for fast-growing B2B companies to support equity for remote work and in email marketing tools, such as Campaign Monitor, SharpSpring, and Customer.io. By doing so, you help reduce your own, your staff’s, as well as your prospects’ anxiety, which is brought about by the spread of coronavirus, through face-to-face interviews.


Now that you’ve already learned about the different B2B marketing strategies this year, you’re ready to revamp your existing email, social media, and inbound marketing efforts. By doing so, you’ll gain more new leads and establish better relationships with your existing clients. Be consistent in implementing these strategies and keep yourself abreast of the latest B2B marketing trends to make your B2B company thrive and succeed.

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