All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency Tracking

With the advent of bitcoins, the economic market was indeed at first thrown into a frenzy. But then again, now, it is seen as a viable investment option that could take over the market in the upcoming few decades. Both Cryptocurrency and the technology behind it, blockchain, have been put through great advances over the years owing to their security and value.

Investing and mining

Many people today are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies. In the early days, we had only Bitcoin. Now, we have Ethereum, Litecoins, and loads of others. Mining them is fairly technical requiring lots of infrastructures, processing power, and thorough knowledge of handling computers. So mining bitcoin, though was easier in the previous decade, is not any layman’s job anymore.

Buying cryptocurrencies, however, is possible provided you have sufficient capital to invest in them. The upside of these currencies is the fact that you do not need to buy a full coin, which is needed when buying a stock. You cannot possess 0.005 shares of Coca-Cola, but you can possess 0.005 bitcoin!

Why do you need a cryptocurrency tracker?

If you only own say 0.001 bitcoins, then you probably do not need one. But if you own, 2.25 bitcoins, 3.45 Ethereum, 1.32 Litecoin and need to track their prices every day, know when to liquidate them, transfer them to your wallets or exchanges, spend them online, keep track of your transactions, etc- that is when you need help.

An excel sheet might serve the purpose but with the growing demand, there are better options available. The software industry has endowed us with multiple online cryptocurrency trackers to choose from.

Cryptocurrency trackers help us manage our transactions, track the prices of our cryptocurrencies, and also transfer them to our cryptocurrency wallets. In short, it dumbs down the whole process of dealing with the numbers daily and makes life simpler.

Features of a cryptocurrency tracker

When looking for which cryptocurrency tracker to use, have the following basic features in mind:

  • Cost. One of the foremost things to see is how much are the in-app purchases costing you or whether there is a free version available with similar features.
  • Live updates on your apps. Almost all online applications nowadays have this feature. They provide round-the-clock updates on your assets.
  • Ease of usage of the app. Your cryptocurrency tracker should not take up more time to learn than to do stuff on it.
  • Handling multiple portfolios. Be sure that your app allows you to handle multiple cryptocurrencies from the same account.
  • Local usage. Some apps provide features such as updates as per local time and in local currencies.

Delta is one such online cryptocurrency tracker. It provides all the features listed above plus, it’s free. With its interactive interface and multiple features, Delta is, hands down, one of the best apps available.


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