6 Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS devices

Knowledge is literally at your fingerprint these days. All you need is your smartphone and these six apps to learn almost anything. 

Just like with every other aspect of our lives, technology has made education more accessible, convenient, and portable than ever before. For a long time, smartphones and tablets were considered sources of distraction for students by parents and teachers who tried their best to keep students away from their devices. 

But, you know what they say “every cloud has a silver lining”. This time, mobile app advancements were that silver lining. Mobile apps transformed our smartphones into virtual classrooms where students can learn anything they want with ease. 

Here are six educational app that can teach you almost anything. 

1- Duolingo 

Ever dreamed about learning Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Korean, or maybe German but didn’t know where to start or it all seemed too complicated? Duolingo can be your teacher

Learning another language isn’t easy, but Duolingo app makes studying a different language really fun and engaging. The app has over 30 languages you can study, and you can learn each of them with fun lessons designed like mino-games. 

The app also makes sure that you remember to take your everyday lesson, which often takes 5 minutes on average. So, 5 minutes a day in return for learning another language you’ve been dreaming about speaking seems like a great deal. 

The app is free, but you can pay if you want to repair a learning streak if you missed your lesson on a day or if you want to restore your in-game health. Duolingo is available on both iOS and Android. 

2- Photomath 

Doing math homework has never been easier than today, as many mobile apps can give you guidance on how to solve math exercises. Photomath is one of these apps that can become your app buddy if you need guidance on how to solve your algebra exercises. The app not only solves any exercise but also provides a detailed answer to help you understand the logic behind it. 

But here’s the best part: you don’t have to manually introduce the exercise you want the app to solve for you unless you want to. All you have to do is to snap a photo of the question, and Photomath will give you the solution but with detailed explanations so that you can apply the same principle you learn on the rest of your math homework. 

The app is entirely free, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

3- edX

Don’t have the money or the time for college? What is college came into your pocket for free? 

Higher education these days isn’t exclusive anymore to college students. Everybody can now have courses from the world’s best universities in their pockets with edX. The app includes multiple courses from top universities around the globe that everybody can access and even get a certificate while using the app. 

The app offers lots of possibilities similar to what you do in college, including taking quizzes, tuning into online lectures, and completing assignments but all at your own pace. 

So, although you won’t have to worry about paying for your student loan while studying, you’ll have to pay for some certificates and even some courses. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

4- Periodic Table 

If you’re passionate about studying chemistry, you need to get the Periodic Table app on your phone to help you learn more about each element. The Periodic Table app from the Royal Society of Chemistry isn’t just an interactive periodic table. The app also offers access to a lot more content, including podcasts and videos, which help you learn more about the elements in a fun and engaging way. 

What’s great about this app is that it showcases different levels of data to cater to everyone, from novice chemistry students to experts. 

The Periodic Table app is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

5- TED 

If traditional education isn’t your thing and you instead learn from stories told by people that inspire you, then you must get the TED app on your device. 

The app includes over 3.000 TED Talks videos with expert speakers on education, business, science, tech, creativity, personal development, and many other more topics. You’ll learn new inspiring and revolutionary ideas that will make you think, learn, and change your life. 

Whatever tech or business gurus, musical legend, education radical, or personal development expert you look up too, you’ll most likely find a TED Talk video with them on the app. 

The TED app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

6- Star Walk 2

If you are passionate about cosmos, astrology, constellations, and other celestial bodies, you need to download Star Walk 2 on your iOS or Android device right now. 

The app offers a unique experience helping you feel like you learn about stars, the planets, and everything in space while you are next to these celestial bodies. It is an augmented-reality app that follows your movements in real-time, providing your very aesthetical views. But, apart from that, the app can help you learn more info about more than 200.000 stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies. 

But that’s not all. The app also has a calendar of celestial events and allows you to see the night sky during different time intervals. 

The app isn’t free, however, but the $3 cost is totally worth it for the experience the app gives you. Also, the app has other microtransactions too, outside of the initial purchase, for additional content that offers 3D models and information about various other elements of the night sky, including distant galaxies and comets.  

With so much knowledge at your fingerprint, learning has never been more accessible and more fun than today. Download these apps ion your device and start learning more about your favorite subject. 

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