5G and the workplace: The benefits managers should know about

Long before broadband was out in the market, employers started anticipating its benefits for the workplace, and it definitely brought justice to their expectations. Instant file sharing, video calls with remote employees, webinars, and other facilities were made convenient.

With the dawn of the 5G era in this digitally advanced world, the stakes are higher. It is expected to revolutionize traditional workplaces with a data-driven organization with faster speed, low latency rates, (which is a good thing, given that latency implies a delay before a transfer of data begins), and better security features.

What’s more? From smartphones and laptops to wearable devices and biometric attendance systems, 5G can onboard any type of device. This next generation of connectivity can bring exponential improvements at the workplace by catalyzing collaboration.

Before leaders make their office 5G friendly, here’s what they should know about its benefits:

1- Remote working will be more accessible

While remote work has become vogue in the last few years because of its convenience, the idea of a completely decentralized workforce is still a dream for business owners and resources. With the deployment of 5G, impeccable connectivity between remotely working employees can be turned into a reality. Several roadblocks like high latency, poor connectivity, and security issues will be ancient history.

When organizations will revolutionize their network systems, it will enhance collaboration between distributed workforce and enable leaders to manage their talent pool conveniently. With a high-speed network, smart resource management tools will function more efficiently. This will make it easy for managers to track their employee’s progress, book their schedules, allocate tasks, and share real-time information on a unified platform. Not only this, extraction of real-time analytical reports of utilization, predicted project attributes will be done in a breeze.

2- Enhance AI capacity

AI is so far one of the most significant revolutions of technology that has substantially benefited business organizations. From automating mundane tasks to interpreting data and enabling data-driven decisions, AI has it all. It has facilitated employees to focus on more important tasks that require human attention and an analytical approach. Employee data gathering and resume processing has simplified tasks for HR managers.

Deployment of these AI tools also requires uninterrupted data to provide real-time data insights. Hence, enabling 5G will turn this into a productive reality and will help leaders alleviate many of the burdens of supervising a business. Employee’s productivity will enhance and will help them meet deadlines faster than ever.

3- Sync devices and reduce the hassle

Imagine how easy it will be for you to manage the workforce when all their data is in one place?

Leveraging this next-gen connectivity will let you access information from one place by syncing all their smart devices together. From smartphones to attendance trackers, every device can be synched together due to lower latency rates of 5G. For instance, a construction company will be able to control heavy and risk-prone machinery from a control center to enhance security and improve worker-safety measures.

With advanced IoT and commendable speed of 5G, the real-time collaboration will become a thing and will also enable leaders to attend meetings in real-time without any lags with the help of AR (Augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). this doesn’t end here. Remote troubleshooting, remote workplace administration, doctor conferences, and business meetings will all become possible when you reap the benefits of 5G.

4- Network slicing for productivity boosts

Network slicing is the fundamental concept that came into the picture with the rise of 5G. It basically means that device carriers can “slice” the network into different tracks to a specific application, service, or device eliminating the need to invest in different carriers. For instance, managers can enable 5G in the workplace separately for personal devices and workstations.

This way, 5G will let organizations prioritize their network needs and route traffic in those particular directions. If you want to conduct mission-critical meetings that require high-speed uninterrupted data, or you are organizing bandwidth-heavy collaboration sessions or there are scheduled learning and development sessions for employees, your 5G network will focus where you want it to! A commendable provision like this will not hinder productivity in any case be it large video streaming or heavy file downloading!

5- Increased virtual communication

With 4G technology, data-heavy activities like video conferencing and sharing files on the cloud become slow and clunky. Imagine when you are giving a demo to an important client and your tool freezes or starts lagging while sharing screens! Embarrassing enough? Establishing a 5G connection will keep you from being in this awkward spot. Being 100 times faster than 4G will let you foster a remote and collaborative work culture.

5G will eliminate silos in collaboration enabling cloud sharing and editing of heavy files in real-time with no lags. This creates a centralized communication empowered enterprise where all coalitions from enterprise-wide meetings to webinars to overseas client calls are managed by a single platform and also helps you build a good remote team.

The future of 5G

The switch to 5G from previous generation technologies will be colossal and transformational for businesses. And most importantly, leaders who are willing to adapt and accept this innovative tech keeping their skepticism at bay will thrive. 5G will enhance networking at greater levels and will also improve your AI and AR/VR experience. Needless to say, the development of both 5G and AI has to go hand-in-hand. With 5G introduced in the business landscape, office collaboration will improve, complex challenges will be easy to tackle, and most importantly it will help employees attain work-life balance and will increase their satisfaction at the workplace. So, reinvent your organization and see where this tech takes you in the coming years.

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