5 Useful Fire Protection Technologies You Should Know About

One of the possible causes of humans is due to fire. Fire is highly dead, and the thick smoke it produces could suffocate anyone breathing too much of it. As a result, a person may die from lack of oxygen and may cause a person to be disoriented and pass out immediately.

Fire safety precautions are necessary because it helps people become aware of handling such when it comes and what to do afterward. You’ll never know that simple learning and proper utilization of technological advancements for fire protection would come in handy someday.

As time passes, professionals have developed technologies and implemented effective safety protocols that are highly beneficial in the workplace, at home, and more. Everyone’s safety is essential, and it must be the utmost priority of everyone, whatever status in life they may be. To help reduce the risk of fire-burning victims, here are some five useful fire technologies you must know.

Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher

This brilliant new fire extinguisher technology was made by two electrical engineering students from George Mason University and can put out flames through manipulating sound frequencies. Unlike the most common way of putting out the fire, the technology does not use water. Additionally, it is chemical-free, which means it is also good for the environment and does not contain harmful chemicals.

The sound wave fire extinguisher is a fantastic technology that keeps the burning fuel away from the oxygen, and soon the fire will start to die through manipulating sound frequencies. This type of fire technology is beneficial to be used, especially in the kitchen where most of the use of fire happens.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher at home, whatever type it is. You must know its location in your offices for you to quickly find it. It would not matter if it were the traditional type or the newly emerged kinds because even if it’s only a small item, it’s highly essential during fire breakouts and accidents.

Self-Expanding Fire Fighting Foam

Typically, this is used to put out fires that are difficult to handle, like ones involving flammable liquids such as petroleum. The self-expanding fire fighting system is a great new technology gaining popularity. Some variants come in fluorine-free foams available being sold. It has a long shelf life, and it could be deployed anywhere.

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

The water mist fire sprinkler system is an improved version of the traditional sprinkler systems used to put out the fire using a mist of tiny droplets of water to create a larger one. With the utilization of this technology, the fire’s overall hot temperature could be lowered and works faster and more effectively than using larger droplets.

The fine water sprays from the sprinkler systems also effectively control and lessen any possible water damage from happening. This fire protection system forces water at an extreme pressure where a fine water mist is released through a specialized sprinkler. Also, this kind of fire protection system is used in museums and theater arenas.

Advanced Smoke Detection Systems

One of the most common issues found in the traditional fire detectors is that some smoke detection systems find it challenging to differentiate the “real” fire and fires that are regularly produced when cooking. In this sense, some people find it hard to trust traditional smoke detection because it deems it too sensitive to any smoke- even those that are not alarming.

Nowadays, advanced smoke detection systems are made even better since they can identify fire smokes produced based on their sizes and sources, which helps in lessening the probability of experiencing a “false alarm.”

Video Smoke Detectors are now existing to aid in detecting smoke and fires through cameras and a computer. Visually, the computer could easily detect any fire signs, and an alarm will trigger to give signs of notice. Video Image Smoke detection technologies are great to be utilized in large areas that sprinklers and other systems may find difficult.

New Fire Alarm Integrated Voice Evacuation System

This new technology is an excellent addition to fire protection and prevention in sending out awareness. It helps create and send out voice evacuation messages that are highly needed, especially in times of need. It is considered faster, safer, and better than designed to achieve ultimate survivability.


As the famous saying goes, it will always be better to feel safe than sorry. Fire is somehow part of a person’s life; it’s used in cooking, heating some water, generating heat, melting, cremation purposes, and so many more.

The best way to ensure that using fire is not being mishandled is to be educated, and you must know how to take the right actions when faced with fire. It will be highly beneficial if you know how to control its spread before it causes serious accidents. Mentioned above are some technologies that you may find helpful and must know about.

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