5 Tips for Drafting a Perfect Welcome Email to Customers

One of the most effective ways a company can build its leads/contact list in today’s technology-driven atmosphere is to create a robust email list. Having people opt-in and sign up for the email list ensures you’re getting accurate contact information, and that you’ll be able to engage with those who have an interest in your company’s products and/or services.

Obtaining their information can be a challenge, however, so once you do get their information, you’ll want to be sure to send out some sort of welcome email message and set a good first impression. Think of it as an opportunity to thank them for signing up. But what should your welcome email include? What are the basics? Here we’ll take a look at five tips for crafting the perfect welcome email to your customers.

Make It Personalized

Because the welcome email is meant to act as a “thank you for signing up”, you want to be sure it has that personal touch. A generic email that goes out to everyone with no customization or personalization features just won’t set the same tone. You can personalize such things as the email subject line and the actual contact attributes, and you can use a web tracker so the email can, in fact, be based on pages visited. It should feel as though it was written to a specific person.

Brief 101 on Your Brand

This is also a wonderful opportunity to give a really quick and simple introduction to your brand. Thank them for signing up and then highlight what the company is about, and why it’s so smart for them to use your brand.

Research Examples

Another great tip is to take a look at welcome email examples. Seeing a fully drafted welcome email can really put all the pieces together, make it click, and allow you to move forward in a productive manner. You’ll be able to find examples that work, and those that don’t, clearly identifying what it is that makes each one so unique.

Keep in mind that the goal shouldn’t be to copy a sample word-by-word, rather it should be to use it as a general idea or inspiration when drafting your own welcome email.

Give Them Tips on Using the Website

If your website happens to offer cool features like the ability for customers to create a profile, create wish lists, join a loyalty program, and so forth, let them know. Make sure they are well aware of just how useful the site can be, and break down the instructions in a simple-to-follow manner.

Lure Them in with a Promotion

Of course, a welcome email is also the perfect time to lure them in with a discount, a promotion code, or some sort of incentive. It’s all about making them feel special and important.

A Killer Welcome Email

By keeping these essential tips in mind, you’ll be able to draft a killer welcome email that not only gets the attention of new subscribers but helps you to build a robust collection of leads.

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