5 Things Every Website Should Have

Your business’s website is one of the most important things that you should focus on. Some might even argue that it’s the single most important thing.  So, how do you go about making your website, and what should you look out for when doing so?  Take a look at some of the best expert tips for your website and what it should have. 

Method Of Contact  

First and foremost, potential clients should know how they can get a hold of you. Your contact information should be easily located on the top of the page in bold letters. 

A prominently displayed method of contact is key in order to encourage customers to take the next step. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when creating a website is making it too complicated to find basic information like how to make contact. 

Clear and Professional Images 

It’s important that you use photos that are clear and well-executed. Blurry or poorly done photographs will reflect poorly on your business.  If you don’t have a professional photographer to take your own photos, then you can rely on stock photos to give your site a professional look. 

Original Branding 

When customers land on your page, they should be able to tell clearly where they are. If your branding is generic or difficult to understand, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. 

Consistent branding ensures that people can tell you apart from other brands without confusion. If your customers can’t tell whether they’re on your page or another company’s, then you need to rethink your branding strategy

A Call To Action 

A call to action is there to give your clients and potential clients a way to t move forward. Whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, scheduling a consultation, or downloading a free pdf, the idea is to get them to take one step further as a client. 

Easy Navigation 

Don’t make your site too difficult to navigate. Make it simple to get from point A to point B with little fuss.  When websites are too difficult to get around in, then confused customers will quickly lose interest. The idea is to keep customers on your page, not scare them away. 

Be sure to make it as clear as possible where everything is, and you’ll avoid frustrated visitors. 

Up To Date Information 

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a website that doesn’t have the latest information. Whether it’s the latest products you have or your prices, it’s essential that your content is up to date. Your website should be a place that substitutes having to call customer service for basic questions.  Therefore, it should be a reliable source for information to prevent angry customers.  

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