5 Reasons to Hire a Global Influencer Agency

As the world continues to transform into a digital-first world, influencer marketing should be a priority for brands. Influencer marketing can help brands grow loyal communities and it provides social proof; using a global influencer agency in the USA can help your grand gain a global following, no matter where you are based.

As more people join social media, brands have the chance to access more potential customers. These customers are spread over different social media platforms, but using a global influencer agency can give brands a direct route to reaching these audiences. Even though social media platforms and trends are constantly evolving, influencer marketing remains a tried, tested, and loved marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is worth investing in. There are global influencer agencies ready and waiting to share their expertise with you.

But why should brands work with influencer agencies?

Agencies have inside knowledge

Global influencer agencies are experts in all-things influencer marketing. They are well versed with the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts. Influencer agencies can help guide your influencer marketing strategy and influencers used. They will have access to the right databases, technology, and tools to ensure your brand’s success. It is also their job to keep up to date with the latest influencer trends, so your campaigns will always be relevant to new audiences.

Agencies will save you time and money

Working with an influencer agency means you have more time to spend on other business priorities. Working with influencers can be a time-consuming task, with a lot of back-and-forth communication and briefing. Having an agency dedicated to this communication is more cost-effective than having your own team try and manage all influencer relations.

Agencies connect you with relevant influencers

Working with influencers that have inauthentic or fake engagement and followers is a complete waste of time and money. Influencer agencies can vet out any inauthentic influencers and those who don’t align with your business goals or values. By using relevant databases and technology platforms, influencer agencies have access to real statistics such as engagement rate, audience demographics, and an influencer’s true reach—all more influential than follower count. With this, influencer agencies can connect you with relevant influencers that already possess your brand’s values and have an active and engaged following.

Agencies have pre-existing relationships with influencers

It is highly likely that an influencer marketing agency will already have strong relationships with influencers in your niche. As a result of the agency nurturing that relationship, the influencers will be more willing to work on your campaign and will likely produce incredibly high-quality content. Influencer agencies are experts at building and maintaining important influencer relationships.

Agencies know how to measure success

Keeping track of content created and engagement is a daunting task on its own, let alone when you add in everything else that needs to be done for an influencer campaign. Agencies have access to platforms that can track posts and Stories but also provide statistics beyond likes and comments. These are the stats that really show the impact of your influencer campaign and can even show you an estimated monetary value of the campaign.

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