5 Marketing Adaptations You Need to Thrive in the COVID-19 Era

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, business across the world has been changing at a rapid pace. With fewer businesses allowed to offer in-person services at full capacity, and outright bans during periodic lockdowns, marketing strategies need to adapt.

Nobody knows when the pandemic will end or if we’ll be required to have restrictions in place for a long period of time. However, if you don’t adapt your marketing strategies immediately to the current situation, you’ll be left behind.

Not sure where to start? Begin with these five marketing adaptations.

  1. Adopt digital tools

We already live in a digital age, but that digital age is being accelerated rapidly by the COVID-19 pandemic. A large number of businesses have been forced to move operations online, and a historic number of employees are now working from home. These changes necessitate the use of digital tools in the office and with customers and clients.

Digital tools allow businesses to:

  • Automate workflows. Businesses benefit when using digital tools to automate workflows. For example, automating aspects of planning, sharing, and communicating eliminates redundant tasks and frees up employees for more meaningful work.
  • Communicate instantly. With online communication tools, teams can receive communications in real-time, just as if they were in a physical office.
  • Live collaboration. Rather than passing edited documents back and forth, digital tools allow for real-time collaboration between teams. Google Docs is the perfect example of a digital tool that facilitates live collaboration.
  • Track conversation with clients. Using a tool like Slack makes it easy for businesses to keep track of conversations with clients in one spot rather than have multiple employees dig through old emails.

If you haven’t embraced digital tools yet, check out these tools suggested by PC Mag.

  1. Post photos on your website of staff wearing masks

It might sound strange, but posting photos on your website depicting your staff wearing masks will give your customers and clients peace of mind. This really only applies if you have a physical office or building where people come inside.

With mask mandates across the world, reflecting your company’s compliance with health regulations will go a long way to send positive messages to everyone you do business with.

  1. Place a heavy focus on existing customers

According to data aggregated by The Shelf, over 100,000 businesses closed for good due to the pandemic. However, the data also shows that people are spending 15% more on home entertainment, 35% more on home fitness, and 15% more on groceries. In other words, those who haven’t lost their income have shifted their spending priorities.

If the pandemic is making it hard for you to generate new customers, start focusing on your existing customers. If they’re still doing business with you, they’ve got income.

Some of the ways you can better serve your existing customers include:

  • Issue refunds for prepaid memberships your customers couldn’t use during the lockdown. In the short term, this will mean more money out. However, when the economy turns around, you’ll have fiercely loyal customers who will remember your generosity.
  • Ask your customers how their needs have changed. Do your best to fill their new needs whenever possible.

There’s nothing better than generating loyal customers who will stick with you through hard times.

  1. Start using Facebook PPC ads

Since people are stuck at home, they’re using social media more than ever before. Many businesses have noticed a skyrocketing increase in PPC ad ROI.

Now is the time to get in on PPC ads and Facebook is one of the most lucrative platforms. As WordStream explains, Facebook has exceptional audience targeting capabilities that can even be used to reach past visitors to your website.

Once you get going with Facebook PPC ads, you can start moving into retargeting to bring casual visitors back to your site.

  1. Run special promotions

Since millions of people have lost their income during the pandemic, many households are running on one income rather than two. People are prioritizing their spending, but many still have the means to buy additional goods and services.

Run special promotions that offer serious discounts and deals to your customers. Under normal circumstances, extreme deals wouldn’t be the best marketing strategy. However, since nearly everyone is struggling in some way, extreme deals could keep you in business.

Adapt quickly or fall behind

The state of the economy is still changing and we don’t know when the pandemic will end. If you want your business to survive, adapt your marketing strategies quickly to avoid being left behind.

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