5 Best Tips for Marketing Wine to Millennials

This might not seem obvious, yet the wine is quite a unique product to market. On one hand, it’s an alcoholic beverage, which on its own is often perceived negatively by the public. On the other hand, however, wine is often associated with something sophisticated, exquisite, and romantic, thus, appearing in a whole new context. Still, the mere advertisement might not be enough to market any product appropriately, especially to younger audiences who are more progressive and somewhat resistant to the traditional means of marketing. This makes the marketing of wine to millennials a challenging but also a very interesting venture.

Multidimensional Approach to Marketing

In the modern times of digital technology and the internet, there is a huge number of ways a business can communicate and sell its products to different audiences. The main idea to stick to if a company wants to achieve sufficient results, however, is to focus on a few marketing methods at once. More specifically, it’s vital to present the product, especially the one like wine, holistically. The millennial audience should not separate the drink from the way it’s marketed. The younger population appears to be aware of the world that surrounds them, so it’s important to market to them as organically as possible.

Now, you might ask, what does it mean to market a product organically? Well, the first thing to know about such kind of marketing is that it shouldn’t stand out for the audiences too much. In other words, the marketing of the product should not scream “Buy, buy, buy!” to the audiences. And this can be achieved by working in different directions of marketing at once. The second rather reasonable question here would be, how can this be done efficiently without spending too many resources? The answer here is pretty simple as well. Be prompt and concise in your message, as well as offer more than just the wine itself. Here are just a few tricks you can do.

Here’s How to Market Wine to Millennial Audience

  1. Work on your product. It’s much easier to market something if its quality is top-notch, right? Yes, it might be hard to ensure that your wine is high-quality, tasty and cheap at the same time. Yet, when it comes to broadening your audience and increasing its loyalty, an investment should be made. If you ensure the use of good ingredients, accent on natural fermentation, and invest in quality control, you might sell your wine at a higher price in the end. But guess what, the younger audiences like millennials are actually ready to pay more if they get the quality they think they deserve. And such an attitude means they deserve the best.
  2. Update your audience frequently. It’s good to tell your customers or interested individuals about what’s going on with your business and how they can benefit from it. This adds some authenticity (more about that in a moment) as well as creates a sense that you’re present here and now. If you manage to find a way to remind them about yourself unobtrusively from time to time, you’ll be present in the life of your young audience naturally and organically all the time.
  3. Always stay authentic. Again, a holistic approach is required here. Email updates are certainly not enough. But you might already have what you need, in fact. Regardless of how long you’re doing business, you probably have an authentic brand story. Now, make sure it is integrated with the way you do your business. For example, if your winery is known for minimizing the use of preservatives, incorporate this policy into your branding and stick to it when creating your product. This tip applies to everything – staying true to your values and policies makes you appear more trustworthy, and therefore more attractive for a younger audience that values transparency and honesty.
  4. Offer additional experiences. In modern marketing, everything tends to become bigger and more diverse. People always like getting more from what they buy. With wine, you can actually do quite a lot in this direction. Younger people love traveling and seeking new experiences. Why not introduce them to your production process? They are ready to pay more, but they still often expect to get a little extra something on top, showing that you value them as clients. So, it is smart to offer them a spot in your exclusive wine club, allow them to get all the new kinds of beverages you produce, or an extra bottle per month sent exclusively to them. All of that doesn’t cost too much but will ensure you have a steady income and will remain the first choice for many customers due to the added value they get from you and the extra care they feel.
  5. Don’t forget about different marketing channels. Of course, this wouldn’t be an article about marketing if direct marketing channels weren’t mentioned here. Direct marketing of all alcoholic beverages, including wine, is not always appreciated, yet when it is done, it should be handled as effectively as possible. Millennials are the generation of social networks, the internet, and interpersonal communication. The first two points here are pretty obvious. Internet and social media marketing are a no-brainer when marketing wine to millennials. To get a grip on the interpersonal characteristics of your younger audience, offer them referral programs of different kinds so that word-of-mouth marketing would become inevitable.

 Becoming Young at Heart

To impress younger audiences, it’s best to put yourself in their shoes. In a world where there’s just too much information, the millennial generation doesn’t like to be bothered with excessive advertisements. This means you must think outside the box and approach marketing from a standpoint that might seem unreasonable just a decade ago. Wine is one of the best products to market, as it is almost always associated with something sophisticated and leisurely, which speakers loudly to millennials, most of which are currently employed and always in search for ways to relieve work-related stress and enhance their pastime. Wine is more than just a drink that satisfies certain basic needs – it is a product that is able to add class and create a certain atmosphere. This means that its marketing to younger generations must be artful and masterful if it is to deliver real results.

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