5 Best Safety Apps For Pool Owners


Who does not relish spending a memorable time in the swimming pool, especially during the summers?

Many people construct swimming pools in the backyard of their homes to set up a comforting spot in the house to beat the heat.

If you are one among them, then it is necessary to make precautionary arrangements for ensuring pool safety.

In this blog, the top 5 safety apps for the pool owners have been listed that would assist you in acing the basics of safe swimming.


Swim by American Red Cross

When it comes to ensuring optimum safety during swimming, the Swim by American Red Cross is considered as the premium safety app in the segment.

The pivotal aim of this pool safety app is to assist the whole family in learning the basics of swimming so that they can swim safely in the pool.

This app is loaded with resourceful lessons, exercises, and fun activities that help in improving and enhancing swimming skills to a great extent.

If you are willing to acquire the fundamentals of swimming engagingly, this app would surely fix your boredom through entertaining modules on safe swimming.

Pool Heater Measure Pro

It is a type of pool calculator that helps you to gain an accurate understanding of the pool h dimensions while seeing pool safety concealment.

This app is useful for evaluating the requirements for a pool safety cover to prevent accidental drowning, even when the pool is not in use.

It creates a physical barrier to prevent adults, kids, and pets from falling into the swimming pool. It is compatible with the best pool heaters as of March 2020, Hayward included.

This app guides you on the exact measurements and sizes as prescribed by the safety experts to help you in getting a pool cover with précised fittings.

Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim

This app is very useful for parents who are introducing their child to the water for the very first time.

It has been designed specifically for the children of ages ranging between 2-6 years to teach them the essential safety rules of swimming.

In this app, the kids have to follow a little duck named Stewie, who wants to swim with the bigger ducks by gaining wisdom on the pool safety instructions.

The e-book consists of interactive animations, resourceful audios, exceptional sound effects, a brain-teasing game, and a sing-along feature.

Home Pool Safety

This app assists the pool owners to ensure whether their swimming pool is safe for the kids or not.

It provides a checklist that includes the essentials that need to be done to make your pool safe for the children.

It consists of a list that includes the following items such as chemicals, fences, gates, supervision, pumps, and electricity.

This app allows you to identify the glitches in your swimming pool system and provides measures to resolve them.

It guides you through the procedure of securing the pool and helps in verifying the safety parameters, thereby ensuring that the rescue equipment is in good condition.

Victorian Water Safety Guide

The benefits of this app are not limited to the home pool owners as this app can be utilized by any person who is willing to learn the basics of water safety.

This app offers a wider arena of water safety as it has been designed exclusively to spread community awareness on the same.

If provides the users with the essential safety information that is associated with diversified water activities to guide them on the safety rules.

It is loaded with the fruitful resources that help in the resuscitation of swimmers in case of an accident that takes place during water activities.

Techniques/Tips to Improve

Placing necessary safety components

Placing fences and safety covers are a reliable way to keep your loved ones safe when they are around the pool.

With the help of safety experts, get a customized safety plan for your pool to secure it in the best possible way.

Learn the basics first

Do not jump into the pool without having sound knowledge of the basics of swimming.

Make sure to keep the safety gear around you while swimming.

Correction Common Problems

Fill in the correct information

The smartphone apps for pool safety require accurate information about your pool dimensions to guide you thoroughly.

Fill in the accurate information and avoid the approximation values.

Supervision is the key

Always make sure to supervise your loved ones personally, especially the kids, when they are in the pool.

Do not completely rely upon the pool safety apps and utilize the other available resources too.

Analysis of best practices in the industry

  • Opt for the most reliable and authentic pool safety applications
  • Learn swimming lessons with the help of a professional coach
  • Do not rely completely upon the floaters for the safety of kids

Tools You Can Use

  • Automated or manual pool safety covers
  • Pool testing and maintenance kit
  • Swimming pool alarms 

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