5 Benefits of Local Seo to Your Enterprise

Every local business owner wants their enterprise to thrive. Though many opt for traditional advertising methods, others take the better route- the local SEO route!

As per statistics, there is a steady rise in the number of establishments in Hong Kong that use local SEO this year than there was in 2019. Experts predict that by 2021, there will be a further increase by at least 30%.

Local SEO is somehow similar to the regular SEO that we all know and love, but it is more specific and strives to raise the rankings of a local organization within a particular city or town.

More on Local SEO

We have touched on local SEO slightly above. Now it is time to delve deeper for a better understanding.

Local SEO, or local Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing the online presence of your brick-and-mortar establishment to gain more local clients. It does this by including your geographic details to a search engine listing. This enables it to be easily found based on the client’s location.

Unlike in regular Search Engine Optimization where you create content by using crucial keywords alone, local SEO also requires that you include accruing reviews, your city or town name, building links, and zip code.

Since most people use smartphones to find what they need that is closest to them as they are on the go, investing in local SEO is a wise choice. Your establishment’s exact location is picked up in a search, making it a top pick among clients looking for nearby establishments.

Benefits of Using Local SEO

Four out of five enterprise owners turn to local SEO for the growth of the business. If this isn’t convincing enough for you, here are some of its other benefits that are sure to change your mind:

1- it Allows You to Gain More Trust Among Your Clients

It is undeniable that the more recommended a brand is, the more trustworthy it becomes to clients.

That’s exactly what local SEO offers your business. Placing it among the top five search results allows you to rank higher, therefore causing customers to trust you without having to perform any adjustments on what you provide.

2- You Earn Repeat Clients

Not all of your customers will be from the neighbourhood. Others may be visiting and will come into your store thanks to the power of local SEO and mobile searches.

As for a local client, once they come into your enterprise, experience your quality customer service, and find what they need, they will always come back. And that’s not even the best part. They will spread the word and bring a couple of friends along on their next trip.

3- It Helps You Receive More Local Reviews

Most first-time buyers rely on reviews from previous clients before buying an item or visiting an organization.

Suppose your business is on the map and you provide unbeatable services. In that case, local shoppers can recommend it to others, who will further the cycle upon seeing the review and experiencing it for themselves.

Of course, there may be a few negative reviews but that should not dampen your spirit. Show your clients that you appreciate their comments (both negative and positive ones) by responding to them and making it up to them if necessary.

This not only helps to strengthen the business relationship between you and them, but it helps take your Search Engine Optimization even higher as well.

4- It Increases Web Traffic

Most business owners may not see the point of giving SEO a try. This is because they feel they will be competing with larger organizations such as Amazon and Walmart. Though this may be true, it’s not so with local SEO.

Local SEO narrows down the competition, putting you on the same level as other establishments in your locality. By appearing more readily in searches, you will have more clients clicking on your website link to see all you have to provide.

5- It Enables Your Business to Be Mobile-Friendly

In previous years, desktop computers were among the primary tools people used to search for local services and products. With the introduction of smartphones, however, all that changed.

There are more people using smartphones, which are a convenient way to get some answers quickly.

Since these smart devices have location services, which are a vital determiner in your establishment’s growth, it means your establishment can be located by anyone who is close to you, even when they don’t reside in that specific location. 

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