3 Simple Steps To Convert Word to PDF Online

Do you need to convert your document to PDF files but don’t know which tool to use? Good thing there is a tool that can handle online conversion. Portable document format or PDF is one of the most popular and frequently used file formats today.

It is independent and can use and access it using any gadgets and other platforms. Your file may contain texts, images, even hyperlinks. We typically use it for electronic documents such as eBooks, online manuals, application letters, resumes, and many others. Most of which need sharing and printing.

Why Convert Word Document File to PDF?

You can convert Word to PDF online using the right tool. While other file formats are easy to use and are beneficial on their own, a PDF file has its unique features to offer. One of which is its mobile device friendliness or mobility.

As long as you have a third-party tool, such as Adobe Reader installed on your mobile device, you can read PDF files anywhere and anytime you want. Another one is its portability. You can view pdf files on any device and with any operating system with nothing to worry about at all.

Most businesses and individuals adopt this file format because it is compact and has visual appeal. You can save files in PDF form without sacrificing the quality and the content of your work.

The layout you made using another file format saved or converted in PDF form remains the same. Even if you publish the file, print it, or share it online, it is secured. Nobody can edit or change your document.

Accessible Anytime 

And you know what? You can surely use this format on your MS office document, specifically on MS Word. You can do it online. You might have the option to just search, download, and install an application on your phone or computer, but that entails risk.

When installing, you always need to watch out for malware and viruses, plus you have to watch advertisements that might take too much of your time. When you convert a word document to a PDF file online, it is quick and easy, your file is safe and secured, and some converters offer their services for free.

Also, the website does not require you to use a specific platform. You can convert online using Windows, Linux or Mac, or any other. You will not need to change your computer or browser settings as conversion happens in just a snap of your finger or a blink of your eye.

How to Convert?

When you go online, and search for an online converter, you can have a list of online portals to choose from. Most of them offer free conversion. There will be a guide on how to use the app, but here, you will have a heads up on how to do the conversion.

Listed below are the hassle-free and easy steps to convert word documents to PDF files using an online tool.

1. Choose a word document and upload.

If the file to convert from your local computer or other storage devices, click on Upload file or Add a file, then choose the document that you want to convert. Another option is to drag your chosen file on the box or space that says Drop File Here.

Wait for your file to upload. It usually takes a few seconds to a minute, depending on the file size or internet speed.

2. Click convert.

Once uploaded on the website’s server, click the Convert Now, or Start Convert button or tab. Conversion takes place instantly.

3. Download the PDF file.

Hit the Download tab to save the file. There will be a pop-up message, click on that as it allows you to view the converted file. Your newly converted file is now ready Sometimes you can edit, sign, and share the file right away. Depending on the website’s policy, they might not include it in the free service they offer.

Also, you always need to check for the site’s limitations, such as the file size, number of documents in one conversion, number of conversions per day or per month. It will spare you from any problem once you use the website’s server again.

No need to worry, your file is safe and stored properly. Most of the online converter has a system-generated way on how to keep your files private. After you download the pdf file and you forget to delete your file, the converter’s system will remove it for you.

Depending on their system, it takes a while for them to remove your file from the server. This is to give you time to either retrieve or delete the uploaded file yourself. Some give an hour, some three hours, some 12 hours, and some even remove the file from the server automatically.

In Conclusion

So, there you have your guide to the online conversion of word documents to pdf files. This might have not been mentioned earlier, but you always have other options on how to make your file look presentable, professional, and neat. This is just one way or means for you to achieve that goal.

As long as you have your mobile phone or computer and there is a stable internet connection, you can always try to follow this guide. Always remember the three easy steps to a fast, hassle-free, and easy file conversion.  

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