Reasons Why You Should Buy Rolex Explorer Watches

Whether you are a luxury watch enthusiast or perhaps just starting to get interested in luxury watches, for sure you have already heard about Rolex Explorer Watches. Everyone knows about Rolex because the brand is everywhere! It is the watch brand that is mentioned many times on television, radio, in prints, the internet, and even your parents and friends talk about it. That’s how crazy big Rolex is as the leading and most popular luxury watch brand in the industry. So if you are searching for a luxury watch of your taste and style, why settle for less when you can have the best with Rolex! 

Rolex has a vast selection of luxury watches that comes with various designs, styles, colors, sizes, and functions that will suit any fashion you are for. And in searching for the best watch for you such features are a must to consider so that every dime spent on that luxury watch is worth it since it is something that you love for yourself. The same goes for if you’re buying one for a loved one, it must be thought-about because these are exceptional watches. But there is no need to worry because we will walk you through one of Rolex’s best-sellers, the Rolex Explorer! The luxury watch of this collection would go very well with everything!

What is the Rolex Explorer?

The Rolex Explorer initially started in 1953. It is best known and loved on a global scale for its function that performs well especially in outdoor activities, such as sports and adventure. People who go mountaineering and exploration have high praises for this luxury watch because of its sleek design that complements its robustness and reliability. Since its release, the luxury watch has been continually enhanced for it to achieve its ideal function by reaching out to the world while withstanding the uttermost conditions. Imagine, a luxury watch could do that?

Rolex Explorer Design 

The timepieces of the Explorer collection each showcase a 39-millimeter oyster steel watch case, a dazzling black dial, and a firm oyster bracelet. 

Explorer lovers are all for the lustrous black dial that is devised with large Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock which is one of its defining attributes since its debut. The best thing with this is that they have a luminous accent in their dial which lights up in each hour marker, plus the inverted triangle at 12 o’clock. It is functional and favorable to bring it with you and read the time any time, anywhere. 

You must think that since the timepiece is leaning more on the sporty, adventurous side it wouldn’t be that elegant, classy, or stylish. That is where you are wrong. The Explorer collection has watches of high performance that work so well with its modest and chic overall finish. You can match it with any fashion or style combination on whatever event, may it be at work, a casual gathering, or even at a formal occasion! Also, who wouldn’t like to look dashing in an extreme outdoor activity?

Do you know that the Rolex Explorer is also popular and worn by big celebrities and distinguished figures like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Ian Fleming? We are telling you, going for Rolex Explorers will be the best decision you will ever make with luxury watches. Here are more reasons why this is the top choice for a luxury watch!

3 Reasons You Should Buy Rolex Explorer Watches

  • Crafted with the highest quality materials

Luxury watches are not only of high value because of their brand or the price that they are sold for. What makes them valuable is their quality and craftsmanship. A luxury watch possesses high quality mainly because of what it is made of. Its materials play a key role in the visuals and durability. Throughout the years, Rolex has been producing outstanding timepieces of top quality and precise movement. The finest and first-class materials they used in manufacturing their timepieces ensure that they will give the best performance. 

Rolex Explorers are built with a stainless steel case and only use the proven Oyster design, as well as for the Oyster bracelet. The steel feature will clasp firmly on any person’s wrist with so much class. And in terms of its movement and function, accuracy is its main goal. The in-house, which are chronometer-certified calibers work outstandingly at any time of the day. They are also water-resistant up to 100 meters deep. The Rolex Explorer guarantees its quality and durability while showing its sporty yet elegant style.

  • The timepieces are authentic

The overall concept of the Rolex Explorer is very original. Its authenticity is what makes it such a unique timepiece. As mentioned previously, this watch can go so well with any style you are after, either in a casual gathering, a formal event, or an extreme adventure. Its modern, trendy design is what makes it so flexible. And despite its adaptability, it can still be exceptional on any occasion. You will be surprised! 

Its vintage collections are also sought after by luxury watch enthusiasts. Sporty yet stylish watches are the real deal these days!

  • Reasonable price

Luxury watches are not cheap but know that the Rolex Explorer is much more affordable for a top-notch timepiece. They offer such a reasonable price for such a high-performance and great-quality luxury watch.

The approximate price of the Rolex Explorers ranges up to $20000, which is an incredibly good cost for a Rolex watch. The brand is one of the longstanding luxury watch companies and a well-established name in the watch industry, even watch collectors agree to its term, “reasonably priced luxury watch.”


Luxury watches are not only accessories that people show off for boasting, but they also hold so much value because of how beautifully crafted and put together. A timepiece can define anyone’s personality, taste, and fashion, and gives people the impression of what you truly value. 

The original Rolex Explorer has captured watch lovers and enthusiasts because of its finest function and sophisticated design. And with such a dominant timepiece on anyone’s wrist can bring so much pride. If you want to know more about Rolex and its vast collection while getting the best deals, visit!

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