3 Best Tips to Use TikTok to Make Your Music Popular among Your Followers

TikTok is the most popular and engaging social media platform today with millions of daily active users and followers. The app helps you share video clips of not more than 15 seconds and includes editing tools and AR filters just as Instagram and Snapchat.

Therefore, if you are a musician, you can make your music videos go viral on this fun-filled social media app TikTok. Then, benefiting from music is difficult due to copyright challenges and therefore, you should share your original music creations.

According to an article published on Forbes, you need to post daily to gain TikTok followers quickly. Besides, you can also share relevant funny content, post content that is trendy and outside of your comfort level, and re-post video content in the evening if it did not do well previously.

Here are three best tips to make your music popular on TikTok:

Did you know hashtags perform well when used in conjunction with music contests? When other music lovers post their respective content related to your hashtag, you can view all the submissions easily.

You need to promote your original music through hashtags, which is usually beneficial to you. Then, create short video content that has some element so that it becomes memorable on TikTok along with the use of relevant hashtags.

For example, if you have a music band, you can use the hashtag #InMyMusic campaign. You can ask all music lovers to create content and if they have something interesting to share, they can tag their post and enter a contest. This way, you can manage to buy real TikTok fans for your music.

  • Organize a music contest

The best way to popularize your music is by running some contest or challenge, and when it comes to artists and music bands, this makes much sense. TikTok is already quite popular for lip-syncing videos and therefore, you can motivate TikTok users to do the same for your music and songs.

Make sure you offer some prizes like concert tickets, gifts, a shout-out, or unreleased music to ensure the best submissions for your challenge.

You can ask your followers to dance based on the music you created or just dress up like musicians in a band. It will help you choose a winner easily.

You can even pick more than one winner for categories like best dance, best costume, most unique content, and things like that. Your goal is to build user engagement, make them listen to your songs, and spread the word.

  • Make the best of localized content

Do not hesitate to make your music content and songs when you have a good fan following locally. Your fans should also need to use TikTok.

As far as TikTok’s algorithm is concerned, it loves localized content and shows people the locally trending hashtags across the platform.

When you can persuade more people to post content locally, you can use a local hashtag that is trending on TikTok. It means much exposure for your music.


TikTok is extremely popular these days and so you can benefit as a musician when it comes to promoting your songs and music videos on this platform. Keep these tips in mind and you will benefit.

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