12 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The game of real estate has changed dramatically over the last several years. While postcards and flyers might still help, you’ll get more return on investment when enhancing your real estate digital marketing tactics. 

Here are 12 digital marketing tips for real estate agents.

  • List and Renew Your License Online

The most important credential for any real estate agent is their license. Depending on which state you are licensed in, you’ll be required to renew your certification every so many years. Michigan, for example, requires agents to renew their license every three years.

It’s easy to do by getting your Michigan real estate license online. You can then list your credentials on your website to up your level of professionalism.

  • Upgrade Your Website

Your website is like your digital business card. Most people searching to buy or sell a house are looking for an agent online. Upgrade your website so others will take you seriously instead of thinking you’re stuck in 2005.

  • Utilize Social Media

Social media is about building a community. As a real estate agent, that’s the name of the game. Growing your network requires looking outside of your physical community and tapping into new networks through social media.

  • Have a Simple Email Address

This might not sound like a big deal, but having an easy-to-remember email address is much more professional. Plus, it’s easier for someone who may have lost your business card to reach out because they’ll remember it.

  • Create Infographics

The power of imagery online can do wonders for your digital marketing strategy as a real estate agent. They provide valuable nuggets of information in one photo. These can be used on your blog and on social media sites like Pinterest or Linkedin. Through websites like Canva, their simple (and free) to create. All you need is to tap into the knowledge you already have.

  • Improve The Quality of Photos 

First impressions are everything. More than likely, a buyer is looking at a house online before seeing it in person. The photos should be high-resolution, quality images that will captivate a buyer. 

  • Use Videos and 3D Tours

When the pandemic hit, people were still looking to buy houses – only they were touring them online instead of in person. Now, more people want the option to be able to do a virtual tour regardless of their location.

  • Tap Into Your Blog

The blog on your website is a great tool to utilize for two reasons. One, it enhances your search engine optimization (how people find you online). Two, it gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge as an industry leader.

  • Claim Your Local Listing

Local listings help people in your surrounding areas be able to find you easier on Google. It provides your general contact information, website, and allows for video and image uploads as well. It is also an easy way for real estate link building to secure good quality do-follow links.

  • Consider Using Email Campaigns

Email lists are crucial for lead generation in any content marketing strategy. An email campaign is a way to guide a potential client towards their ultimate purchasing decision. In your case, working with you to buy or sell a house.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent digital marketing strategy for real estate agents. You only get charged when someone clicks on your ad, optimizing your budget. This is perfect for someone who sees your ad online and is interested in opting into your deal.

  • Host Webinars

Webinars and online classes allow you to reach a larger audience. It’s a way to teach others and showcase yourself as an industry leader. The more reputable you are, the better your chance of gaining more clients who trust you.


Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. You should invest time and part of your annual budget into proper training for yourself. Otherwise, look into hiring a digital marketing company to help you out.

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