10 Advantages of Using Universal Assembly Line Robots

To reduce the assembly time, it is recommendable that you employ a Universal collaborative arm. The UR joint arm not only reduces the assembly time but also increases productivity and improves the quality of the end product.

The universal assembly line robots are designed to fit all kinds of manufacturing industries.

The following are some of the benefits that you are entitled to when you use the assembly line robots from Universal:

1. Accuracy

The Universal collaborative arms are accurate in assembly processes. Processes like screw driving require precision and accuracy, which can only be achieved by robots. The Universal joint arm is adjustable; hence it can be used to screw in all types of nuts. The collaborative arm can also be used in part fitting, nut driving and insertion.

 2. Flexibility

The collaborative robots are flexible. The assembly line robots can be used in the assembly of all types of materials. The UR joint arm can effectively handle plastics, woods, metal and other types of materials. The robotic assembly arm can be easily adjusted to fit the small and lightweight processes.

3. Easy Programming

The universal collaborative arms are easy to program and operative. Operating the joint arm does not require prior programming knowledge. The robot is fitted with intuitive software that allows a user with little experience to operate it smoothly. You can set the UR collaborative arm by moving it around.

The computerized collaborative arm automatically adjusts its operation depending on the material, the kind of process and the size of the object it’s working on.

4. Reduces Production Time

The UR collaborative robot arm performs the assembly processes simultaneously. Tasks like screw driving, nut driving, part fitting, and painting can be carried out simultaneously. Performing numerous tasks simultaneously reduces production time. The time used to produce a single car can be reduced by half.

5. Safety

UR collaborative arm is programmed to work with human beings safely. The joint arm is programmed to reduce its operating speed any time a person enters its functional space. The robot automatically resumes full speed when the active area is free.

The patented robotic technology limits the force at contact, making it safe to work humans.  Most of the Universal robots do not require safety guarding since they operate hand in hand with humans.

You can enhance workplace safety by deploying the Universal robotic arm. Robots can handle jobs that humans find dirty and boring. Assigning the roots of these jobs will reduce unproductivity and workplace accidents.

6. Lowers the Cost of Production

The Universal robotic arm has all the benefits of advanced robotic automation. The robot is fitted with computerized operations thus saves the user from installation costs. There are no extra costs associated with these features. These advanced features make the collaborative robots work faster. Fast operations reduce the average production time.

The Universal collaborative component is ideal for small businesses that want to optimize production. The Universal joint arm is affordable and saves the money that could have been used to pay humans.

 7. Increases the Quality of Production

To expand the production capabilities, you need to deploy the robotic arm from Universal. The UR arm enhances consistency, thus increases production. The robots work with precision which improves the quality of output. The robotic arm can easily be deployed to perform new processes. The robot has the ability to utilize the same programs for similar operations.

8. Saves space

Engaging the UR robot will help you save space. A single robot can perform several assembly processes and therefore you will only require one arm. You can reprogram the UR arm to fit different machines.

The robotic arms are programmed to fit your manufacturing needs. Due to their flexibility, the UR robots can be used in small production units.

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